Aeotec Z-Wave Garage Controller

I have this Aeotec garage controller Z-Wave garage door controller • Aeotec by Aeon Labs and going on the instructions found here:

I have added it to HE and it discovered as just zwave device but when I get to the section for calibration I am getting lost as I do not see anywhere to put in, or if I do it manually by pressing the switch and moving the sensor it blinks, but nothing is changing on HE end.

I am assuming that so far most people I see that have this are using Vera Plus it is not supported currently by HE and needs custom DH?

EDIT: so messed around with settings and got the events to fire. So when I'm home I will install it and see how we go.

Do these instruction make sense for HE? I think they are referring to Vera still here

Blockquote: Set value 4 to 0 of parameter 37, 38, 39, and 40. After sending in this setting to the GDC, move the door sensor linked to your Garage Door Controller to OPEN or CLOSE state to confirm the changes and allow the settings to take place.
The LED light will also be disabled when opening or closing the garage door.
I would suggest setting this value to parameters 37 - 40 [4 byte]:
0x01010100 hexidecimal or ‭16843008‬ decimal

Did you ever get this working within Hubitat? As I am in Australia on I don't have too many z-wave options due to the frequency change but the Aeotec Z-wave Garage Controller is sold here so I was considering this route.

I have one in the US and it works fine with Hubitat. It is setup as a zwave generic garage door if i remember correctly.

Yes I agree it works fine with Hubitat. My problem is how to integrate with Google Home:

It states it just a z-wave generic garage controller for the Aeotec Garage Controller (Gen5).
Is there a way for Hubitat to recognize that it's an Aeotec Garage Controller vs. Generic z-wave?
Is there a way to get it integrated to Google Home?

With a custom device driver I am sure it could be recognized as that. Question I have though is what does that change? What are you ultimately trying to do?

Hi @garrett,

I am ultimately trying to integrate the Aeotec Garage Door Controller (Gen5) into Google Home. I would like to make the voice commands via Google Assistant or setup routines via Google Home. I thought it would be great to be able to have these commands to the device in one place.

RE: Driver - I noticed on other posts that people were looking for drivers when Hubitat found devices as generic. When they found the driver or changed some field setting or when Hubitat or provider updated the device listing, it started to work. So I thought we had to go that route.

However, ultimately just trying to integrate the Aeotec Garage Door Controller into Google Home.

Apologies for necroing an old topic - you can trigger the calibration on the garage controller itself.

  1. Close the garage door
  2. press and hold the big white botton on the unit for about 10 seconds (the network light will start blinking)
  3. press the big white button to open the door
  4. wait 5 seconds, press the big white button to close the door

And you are done. Based on the doco I beleive the open/closed calibration is stored in the garage controller, not the zwave hub.

I've ported Robert Vandervoort ST DTH to hubitat, try it


I've done everything in the description here to get the drivers working and it does work but it takes up to a minute from when I hit the open or close button for it to start. Any ideas? When I switch the device back to generic z wave garage door opener it works instantly, but I don't want to use that as it doesn't have current state, and the if already open and you hit open again it then closes the door.

Check battery of tilt sensor. When I saw this last time, after I changed battery, device got working well instantly.

Ok, thanks will give it a go. It was a second hand unit so could make sense that that battery would be flat.

Thanks looks like it's fixed it.