Aeotec z-wave extenders

I have 6 extenders, no issues for several months. Periodically I checked them to make sure they are connected (hold the button on the extender until it turns purple, release and wait for the GREEN light). I'm only using 5 extenders (one is not plugged in) and with the exception of the extender in the room with the HE, they all show RED. I have done several ZWAVE repairs but still nothing. When I do the repairs, by the way, they do light up showing they are connecting but still showing RED. Anybody seen this before? My next option is to remove them from the HE and start fresh but the community might have seen this so I figured I'd ask first. 2 of my 3 zwave locks are all close enough to the hub they do NOT use these extenders so they are not affected. The AUGUST lock, however, is farther away and it's not working with the HE anymore but that could be an issue with the lock itself I'm looking at. Thanks in advance for any help.

here's my devices page:

I read somewhere that the Aeotec “connection test” results are only relevant when the extender directly connects with the Hub.

Well up to now they've always down Green so something is definitely different and wrong.

Which Aeotec range extender are you using (model #)?

Also can you clarify whether this is causing any observable effect on your z-wave mesh? It sounds like the devices themselves think they’re reporting some kind of error at least but are you having other problems you can attribute to this? Is the August lock issue related or separate?

What happens during z-wave repairs? Have you looked with a browser tab open to the hub’s live logs page?

AEOTECH range extender 6.
As mentioned above, I have smart plugs (Christmas use), zwave locks (3) (August not responding to HE investigating to see if related), and 4 aeptec Tri motion sensors that all are working fine.
When I initiate the Zwave repair, the lights on the extenders light up initially showing connectivity. I'll run another repair to sow the output for review. They come up in the logs, route is built, no errors, then on to the next device. I'm at a loss as to what is wrong.

Please do share a screenshot of the log when the z-wave repair is running.

I understand that the blinking lights on the devices aren’t behaving as expected, but it’s still not entirely clear to me that something is “wrong” if the repair completes without errors and you haven’t identified issues with other z-wave devices on your mesh that could be attributed to a problem with the repeaters.

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I think the color reported after long press to purple, is signal strength, green good, amber medium, red bad.

That's correct and up to now it's always been green but this time they ALL show RED except the one in the room with the HE.

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