Aeotec wallmote quad 101

This is my first time messing around with something like wallmote Quad

I have it paired but how do I use it for bulbs ?

Do i create a virtual button then tie it to wallmote or us rule machine and figure set up when i hit button 1 , lights 123 turns on and when I release button 1, lights 123 turn off ??

Thats basically my use case, square 1 turns off the same lights it turns on and same with the other buttons

Install the Button Controller built-in app. It will let you toggle switches for a button press, among other actions. Works fine with my Wallmote Quad.....

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spot on !! I was playing with RM until you replied, button controller much easier !!!

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I have a question about this device, hope you don't mind me bugging in.

I have turned off the 'Enable Touch beep toggle', but it still makes beeps.
Have pressed both the 'Save Preferences' and the 'Save Device'

What I am missing ?

EDIT: It just took a bit of time to get the device to change the settings.

Hi I know this is an older thread but I'm looking into the the aeotec wallmote, does hubit support all the actions? Looks like I can slide my finger as an action on the button does Hubitat support that or just the press, double press and hold?