Aeotec Tri Sensor Lux Sensor to tell if light is on or off

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TLDR; How do I get the tri-sensor to read lux levels on a 5 second basis(battery life be damned)

New to HE but a previous ST user.. I'm pretty sure this is a corner case but the issue Im trying to address is that I currently have a TP-Link 3 Way smart switch in a 4 way configuration (works but officially unsupported). The Kasa app does not accurately reflect whether the light is on or off and It takes 2 presses in the Kasa or HE app to turn the light on or off... Physically pressing the switch works just fine btw.

I have about 30 1 and 3-Way switches which all work fine.. It's this one switch in the one 4-way config in the house that has this issue. So I figured I'd install a lux sensor next to the light to tell if it's on or off and automate it for a "good night" routine... even though i've updated the preferences to read lux every 10 seconds it seems to have a mind of it's own. Any way to make the readings quicker (say every 5 seconds)?

OR Recommend a sensor that is more reliable and quick?

Thank you and forgive the word salad above.

Based on the configuration parameter descriptions for that device ( Product Configuration Capabilities ), you would probably change either parameter 22 to a small value (delta lux value before reporting), or set parameter 24 to 5 (light sensor report interval).

You can do that by temporarily changing driver to the basic z-wave tool driver available on Hubitat's GitHub (or do a search on here for that term), changing the parameter with the basic z-wave tool (make sure and wake the device up so the change gets written to the device), and then changing the driver back to the original driver.

Or see if someone has made a user driver for the device that exposes the configuration parameters in the driver directly. I don't have one of the devices, so have never looked to see if there is a user driver for it.

Thank you.

HE seems to identify the sensor correctly as a tri sensor and in the preferences section of the device there are the various options but changing them seems to not do anything. I'll tinker with the basic z-wave driver and see if I can change the params using that.

Reporting back... switching to the basic z-wave tool to set the params seemed to work. The sensor is now reporting lux every 4 seconds which is great! Thank you again!

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When you were changing the parameters in the driver, did you remember to hit Save Preferences?

Guess it is a moot point since you got it working with the zwave tool, but was curious nonetheless.

Yup definitely hit Save Preferences for sure. Funny thing is now that I switched back from the basic ZWave tool I can now set it via the native Tri Sensor driver as well..

Very weird. But whatever, at least it is doing what you want! :slight_smile:

The device sleeps so if you don't manually wake it up after saving the settings they won't get sent to the device until the next time it wakes up which could take up to 12 hours...

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