Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096-A02)

The list of compatible devices includes Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096-A02). Unfortunately, it seems not so. I am in the midst of consolidating my Z-Wave devices onto my new HE C-8 (from my C-7 and Vera Plus). From Vera, I have 65 identifiable devices transferred so far with about 90 to go. I have 2 SS6 devices that worked well on Vera, but they are not configuring properly in Hubitat. Specifically, there is no record of consumption (kWH). I'm also having no success with control nor notifications of On/Off with my separate automation system, which is in full control of the already-transferred 60+ devices. I am using the built-in SS6 driver, and my C-8 is at the latest firmware.

Note that the value for current, power, and voltage are being passed to my HA system successfully.

@brwill What driver are you using with it? You also may need to use the z-wave config module to program the parameters for the driver to see

I'm using the standard SS6 driver. I will review the information that you have shared here. Thanks for your support.

Sorry, I have the Aeotec heavy duty switch.

Try the generic z-wave plus switch or outlet driver. Click save then Click configure (clicking configure is important)

How did you end up getting on with these ? I have 4 of the Aeotec SS6 and the delay for on and off commands are horrendous

Good morning, My intent for the SS6 is/was to capture energy consumption data, so it was never my intention to use the 'switch' function. I leave the switches 'ON'. I have no reason to believe that my initial reported shortcomings have been resolved. As far as long delays in my C8 network, it is sporadic. Yesterday, I swapped out a dimmer that I believe was incorrectly reporting, so that device may have impaired the network. Time will tell.

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