Aeotec Smart Switch 6 problem

I'm using the room lighting app to control a bunch of mainly switches.

All of them work OK except my Aeotec Smart Switch 6.

It's using the aeotec Smart Switch 6 driver.

In the lighting app it keeps thinking it's a dimmer... Not a plug switch.

I guess it gets it because the plug has a night light you can dim... But I just want to toggle it off...

If I press the on and off buttons in the web gui it works. If I use hd+ it works... Just not the lighting app

In the RL setup, is the "Type" plain black or is it a link (two examples highlighted below)?

If a link, then you can just click it to change it to "Switch" instead -- that selection window will appear under the listing shown here. I do that in several RL setups when I just need lights/dimmers to go On or Off (no other bells-&-whistles).

It looks like this... I've no idea why I have an X there?

Did that happen after you changed it to "Switch"? Maybe just try cycling the plug - perhaps RL isn't sure what to do with the state after you switched, so a cycle may help shake it loose.

No it was already set to switch.

When you say cycle, what do you mean?

If it was already a Switch, then why do you say RL thinks it's a dimmer?

By "cycle", I just mean turn the plug on/off using its own button or Device page.

Ahh OK now the lighting app thinks it's off after I toggled it off.

Not quite sure what's going on with this still though

It's actually worked the last 24hrs so thank you!

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It's lost it again... Back to the X status.

Very strange.

I flagged this issue many years ago after I migrated from Vera, and it still isn’t fixed.

The actual issue is that someone at Hubitat enabled the colour LED status light function as a dimmer and iirc didn’t want to fix it because it might break something someone has done with it.

Apparently fixing the driver implementation was not a priority. :man_facepalming:

@bcopeland @bobbyD

I guess I'll rewrite my automation using something other than the lighting app.

I ended up using Rule machine to work around the issue.

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