Aeotec Smart Home - Works As A SmartThings Hub!

Just saw an ad where it looks like Aeotec is now acting as a smarthings hub. I guess Samsung is getting completely out of the market now? All the more reason to go with Hubitat... stability

ST is getting out of the hardware business and licensing it to other companies. Aeotec is the first partner announced. But ST will still be providing the backend and firmware for all the hubs.

Because the ST cloud has been so reliable and their firmware updates never cause problems?

9 Likes's not like HE can claim a spotless record on FW updates either. :wink:


Certainly room for improvement there as well, but at least with HE it's a pull, not a "why is my hub dead"...


When I first saw that acronym, my first thought was "WASH SmartThings from your home for a better experience".

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This has come up in threads here and in the ST forum:

Aeotec made their official announcement a few months ago:

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the rebranded aeotec zigbee sensors should start appearing soon. the aeotec multi purpose sensor is available for preorder in the the UK…

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I always did like their sensors... though they were made by a third party. I was concerned that Aeotec would drop the zigbee stuff.

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Was that expensive in UK before?
It was US$20 regular and US$16 on sale in Amazon US before they're discontinued.
Or the old good days of economic Smartthings accessories are gone?

most likely, prices will be much higher for the rebranded aeotec zigbee devices.

There's always SONOFF. Ugly as anything but they are cheap, and their humidity/temp sensor works a lot better than the 2x Aeotec version.