Aeotec Siren - different tones for different actions?

I'm setting up some rules and would like something like:
if the doors are open during the day, play a chime at low volume

if hsm is enabled, then if doors are open, play a warning tone at medium volume and if 30 seconds passes then switch to full on blaring siren mode.

what's the best way to accomplish something like this?

the device driver allows you to select different tones as defaults but if i use "siren" functionality in hsm or RM, i can only do the default. Sound device allows me to select a different tone but not set the volume. Do I need to set up cascading rules or the like??

I haven't received mine yet so I can't be 100% certain. But looking at the Driver, you should be able to use custom actions in RM to accomplish the change in volume. Getting it to do a repeating alert tone during delayed-intrusion is going to be a little more complicated. The only way to do that would be to use a repeat and then stop the action when the system is disarmed. Once it flips to the siren by HSM, I'm thinking the volume should increase to the siren default but you'd have to confirm.

Are you referring to the Aeotec Siren GEN5 (ZW080) or the new Aeotec Siren 6 (ZW164)?

If you have the Aeotec Siren GEN5 then all you really have is a siren because the hardware doesn't support any type of chime or beep functionality. That functionality is simulated by the driver, but it's most likely too unreliable to use as a siren and for entry/exit beeping.

If you have the Aeotec Siren 6 then Hubitat will create a Siren device and a Chime device and both devices have their own volume so what you're trying to do is easy to setup.

You can use the Chime playSound action in Rule Machine to start playing a specific sound # on the chime device when the door is opened and use a delay to turn the siren on after 30 seconds.

You might be able to find a built-in sound that is about 30 seconds long, but if not, you can use the Repeat, Repeat Delay, and Intercept settings to make your own repeating beep sound.

You can use the Chime stop action in Rule Machine to stop playing the sound on the chime device and cancel the pending siren action when the hsm status changes.


it's the 6 and i didnt realize that the chime is a separate "device" - will try, thanks

I just got the Aeotec Siren 6 and was wondering the same thing. It does not appear that different siren sounds can be assigned to different HSM events, nor accessed in Rule Machine. Looks like maybe you can only do custom chime sounds with RM? I'd like to have different siren sounds for smoke/CO, intrusion detection, and water leaks. Is that possible or do we have to stick with whatever siren sound is configured on the device page?

You cannot change the siren sound programmatically with the built in driver. Since it is configured through z-wave commands, it is possible. But you would have to build your own driver to do it.

You can use the chime device to do that...

You can increase the volume of the chime in RM before playing the sound so that it's as loud as a siren and if the chime repeat setting is set to unlimited it will keep playing the sound until it's manually turned off.