Aeotec Siren 6 -?

Why does it constantly turn on and off? Nothing is actually being played...

Enable logging and see if you can capture the logging results when that happens, but logging turns off after 30 minutes so it might take a few attempts.

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I just got mine included via z wave inclusion (C7 hub) and it seemed to go well. I was playing with the child chime device and testing the sounds. All good. Then, it just went silent! Logs still show the button pushes, beed, siren etc but NO sound and no strobe, nothing.

I tried all kinds of volume settings (10-100), no sound. The device states show as I change things like expected.

Anything I am missing?


I installed mine yesterday and I have sound, but the states do not work.

Wondering what to do next. Only thing I can think of is to exclude, reset and start over

I have done that 3 times, with the same result.

The Aeotec Siren 6 has the highest defective rate of any device I've ever seen, but it usually always arrives without sound or the sound stops working within the first couple of months.

That being said, last I heard the driver was broken so it wouldn't work with Hubitat even if it wasn't defective, but the next hub update is supposed to have a lot of driver bug fixes.


I sent mine back to Amazon. These are too many issues to deal with for what it costs. I only had mine a few days so Amazon will refund it no questions asked.

I think mine is dead because even the factory reset is dead! The first time I tried pairing it it siren alarmed repeatedly, then I did a factory reset, then finally it paired, but after that , nothing. The holding 2-5 secs to get a test siren, nothing. No lights at all anymore.

Almost got it boxed up, amazon gave me a label. Going back today or Monday.