Aeotec signal on devices dropping

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing the same problem. I’ve installed Aeotec single / dual devices in the wall about 2/3 years ago. I’ve noticed some strange delays happening on devices which are showing as been connected at 9.6kb and 1 or 2 neighbours. I’m suspecting signal is the problem but one device in particular is right beside 2 others devices and directly in front of the hub but yet showing only 1 neighbour.

I’m wondering has anyone else had experience like this ? The devices have been working fine but I think they might be failing or maybe a faulty aerial (faulting over time).

I’m also wondering what in-wall device everyone else is using - Aeotec / Shelly / Fibaro etc etc.


How's your Z-Wave mesh looking in general? Might be worth posting a screen shot of your zwave details page.

I had lousy luck with in-wall zwave devices so I went with Lutron for my switches and just swapped out a couple of in-wall outlets for Sinope zigbee. Seems to be working ok. Maybe 2.4ghz has better penetration in an outlet box?

Hi Brad5,

Really sorry I’m just seeing this post now. I’ll grab the zwave map once I’m home. It’s really strange, I now have 2 older Aeotec nano switches showing as only 1 or 2 neighbours. Have you any experience with the Aeotec stuff ? I’m starting to feel build quality is not great. They are 2+ years old but still, for 50€ ish each I’d expect to get a 3/4 years.



Lutron I’ve seen mentioned a few times here but I’m in Ireland so don’t think voltage will work for me. Lutron are they zwave with another hub?

I only ever had one Aeotec in wall - a Dual Nano Switch. It too would only find two neighbours whereas all the other devices nearby had a minimum of 10, even where devices were sparse/distant from one another.

I use Fibaro for in wall modules (I'm in UK) I picked up a lot of the Dimmer 2 modules on eBay and have had no issue with those 2 years on. For switches I have a combination of Double Switch 2 and Double Smart. There is an ongoing issue with those where they are connected to LED strip via a 12V PSU, I've had problems with the contacts temporarily welding due to inrush current at switch on. I've since fitted an 'inrush current limiter' (after receiving a recommendation from another community member) in line with the load and that seems to have solved it.

Lutron is not available for us folk in the UK and Ireland - at least not the Lutron Caseta that everyone raves about. It uses its own hub but is not Z Wave. It has its own proprietary protocol 'Clear Connect', which is apparently very fast and bulletproof (which makes it more annoying that we can't have it)

We do struggle in the UK, Ireland (and possibly Europe) for device support. There's no Lutron, No Inovelli or Zooz and no Z Wave 700 series devices at all available as we use 868Mhz for Z Wave.

Not their outlets. I use some of their other devices and they work fine for me.

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