Aeotec Repeater 7 with HE C5

Having a problem where when the Aeotec repeater loses power, it does not reconnect to the Z network. When I remove/restore power for up to a minute, the repeater comes back on with the LED on a solid white.
When I try to send a command to my Minoston outdoor plug located in my storage shed approx 22 feet away I have no issues. However, after a power cycle, and the LED is on solid, sending a command through the dashboard, I just get a 'sending' with no acknowledgement. This is even an hour after the power cycle. To get it working again, I have to exclude/include, then it works like a charm. A side affect to this action is that the DNI keeps getting bumped up. Started at 0E and is now at 11.
The repeater was replaced at Aeotec supports suggestion. The previous unit when power was resumed had a breathing light issue where they said the radio signal settings was wiped out. Replacement resolved that issue but still no connection after a power loss.

Does anybody else have this issue and is there a resolution? Also, is there a way to bump back the DNI number?

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