Aeotec Repeater 7 - S0 Pairing with C5 Hub?

I recently added a few locks (Yale Assure with the Z-Wave module). I'm on a C-5 hub and did the dance of dragging my hub around the house to get them to pair securely which went just fine.

One of the locks is a pretty good distance from the hub and I need another secure device to help it repeat. I went ahead and switched the hub to "All Secure Z-Wave", and excluded/included my Aeotec Repeater 7. I can't get the thing to join via S0 - in theory it supports it but I just can't seem to make it happen. I even had the hub literally sitting on it and tried excluding/including several times.

Anyone have a trick for this? I'm considering "upgrading" to a C-7 hub at somepoint but figured I'd let things settle down a bit before doing so (plus I'm not relishing the idea of migrating).


Aeotec Repeater 7 pairing instructions

Follow the above link, the pairing instructions are different for secure vs non secure pairing. Hope this helps. I do not have one, but I am sure the directions will get you through.

The link you sent is just the marketing page for the Repeater 7 - this page which is the user manual only includes instructions for S2 pairing:

I tried using the instructions for the Repeater 6 for secure pairing (double tap the pairing button) and it doesn't seem to ever pair at all (or actually even attempt to).

Is it possible that it could repeat S0 messages without being S0 joined itself? My knowledge of Z-Wave Security to be fair is limited.

Yes, it can still repeat packets for devices that are using S0 even though it is not securely paired. My apologies on the link, I was at the Orthodontists and obviously a bit distracted.

Also due to the extra overhead S0 pairing is recommended for barrier devices such as locks and garage doors.