Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 (ZW089) official Driver?

Hi HE Team, now that there is an official driver for the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen7, can you please add support for the Gen5 version (ZW089)?

Currently, we have to use the Generic z-wave contact sensor driver which works but has occasion issues (eg showing up as failed).

After skimming through the supported command classes for both devices, they appear very similar so I imagine back-porting the driver to support the Gen5 would be fairly straightforward.

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Just ignore the Failed. It hasn't, clearly, if anything has failed it's SiLabs. The door sensor is a battery device and does sleep. For some reason the SDK treats that FAR too often as a fail. I see it on my WallMote too. I have two.. one on a C-7 and one on a C-4. They are the same, and they work on every push... but the one on the C-7 is Failed most of the time I look.

... so now I push a button... which works of course.. and.. lo and behold, a miracle...

If you are having REAL trouble with a device, it's a clue, but it's false so much of the time, it's nearly a worthless clue. My advice.. ignore it unless the device itself is actually not working. In which case Fail is probably: Not Responding due to a mesh issue.


You are right, it isn't a big deal.

I'm not, TBH I'm mostly interested in having access to the config options without having to switch to the Z-Wave toolbox driver.

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