Aeotec recessed door sensor 7 vs 5 battery life

I currently have the Aeotec recessed door sensor 5 in two doors. The battery life is just okay, if that. The newer, sensor 7 should have better battery life and since I already drilled the big hole in the door jamb would be the only likely candidate for me to swap out if I am looking for an increase in battery life.

Does anyone have both and can tell me if they notice a better battery life with the 7 vs. 5?

hard for me to tell.

I have several 5's

One started eating batteries, and reset/exclude factory reset would not resolve it. replaced it with a 7, and so far all are working great (without battery changes).

All the marketing jargon for the 700 series says 60+ percent better battery life than the 500 series. Which means it’s probably closer to 25% LOL

Probably not worth the cost of the new devices just to save three or four months of battery life every year but it would be nice not to have to change them so often.

Maybe I’ll try just changing one and doing a test with the new batteries in each to see how fast each one goes down. But of course it has to do with how often the door opens. I could set up a counter to keep track of how many times the doors are opening.

I have a couple of Aeotec recessed door sensor 7s. One has chewed through two batteries in 5 months. They were the original batteries that came in the boxes which are quite often old or poor makes. I've just changed to a SAFT CR2 so fingers crossed this last more that a couple of months. Its on my gate so probably gets 5 open/closes per day on average.

I have two Aeotec recessed door sensor 7s, I have pulled them both due to eating batteries. Whats wierd is that they are fine after pairing for about two weeks, and then suddenly start eating the battery at a consistent rate of about 1% per hour. I updated the firmware to v1.05 on both units with no improvement.

I have fallen back to my old monoprice recessed sensors that I have tricked into pairing without authentication.

I am seeing the same thing right now, with crickets from the sensor for two weeks or so until today, when the battery drain just hit the roof, 10% down from the morning. I have registered a support ticket with Aeotec… i saw the f/w release… any tips on how to update?

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