Aeotec Nanomote scene control

Good afternoon all! I’ve recently paired a Nanomote and it appears all buttons, holds and releases are correctly received on the device page.

However, when I include the device in a scene the app asks for button number* with no explanation given. I experimented with 1, 2, 3 and nothing activated the scene.

This is probably simple but how is this set up? What does “button number *” require?

Appreciate any assistance or guidance. Thanks!

Not sure what you mean by include the device in a scene.....If you want to activate a scene using the Nanomote I would suggest using the Button Controller built in app. With the button controller app you can define actions such as activate a scene. You need to install the button controller app by clicking the "Add Built-in App" button at the top right of the apps page. The scene needs to be already defined under "Groups and Scenes".

Don't confuse the option in Scenes to "Select button to push upon scene activation"......This is something different than what I believe you want to do....Correct me if I am wrong.

I believe you are correct. I wasn’t aware of the button control app.

When I try to add a new button control the page hangs. I may have to research this app for further guidance.

Any resources would be welcome and appreciated.


Did you add/install it from Add Built-In app? If so when you click on Button Controllers does the next screen give you the option to "Create New Button Controller-3.1"?

What hub and platform version are you on?

Installed the app ok. The platform is a very recently purchased Elevation C7 which should have the latest FW.

I do get the add option. After the new button is named the screen hangs.

Under the device page for the Nanomote, what driver type are you using?

My Nanomote quad device page looks like this.....

Yes, sir...that’s exactly what the driver and device page look like. This is what I was referring to in my OP..the button presses, holds and releases all seem responsive on this page.

I am not sure why your button controller app is hanging up....

Hopefully someone else has an idea and can chime in......

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