Aeotec nano switch not reporting on/off state

Might anyone know a way to get a aeotec nano switch to report on/off state without re-adding it to zwave? The on off fiction work fine but it is not reporting back its current state , breaking automation

You could try to check this parameter

Parameter 80: To set which notification would be sent to the associated devices (Group 1)

To set which notification would be sent to the associated devices (Group 1) when the state of Nano Switch load is changed.
Size: 1 Byte, Default Value: 3

Setting Description
0 Send Nothing
1 Send Hail CC
2 Send Basic Report CC
3 Send Hail CC when using the manual switch to change the load state.

Forgive my ignorance but how do I see/check parameters?

If I remember correctly there were a service driver somewhere in the forum (cannot find it) that allowed to change any parameter.

I have a custom driver for Dual Nano Switch with all its parameters exposed. It has fully identical parameter 80 available for changing. Yet there are other parameters that might be incompatible. As driver sets parameters in batch it will most probably trash other unrelated parameters.

On the other hand it exposes "Reset" command for all parameters to go to the default state. And according to your device documentation parameter 80 on your device will be reset to '3'. But I dont know if your driver of choice is expecting 'Hail' or 'Basic' command class report. If it expects 'Basic' report this will not work.

I'll try to search some more for the service driver code.

Mine is working fine with the builtin Aeotec NanoMote driver.

I never had to tweak parameters.

Ok. Just found a service driver code.

Here it is.
HubitatPublic/examples/drivers/basicZWaveTool.groovy at master ยท hubitat/HubitatPublic ยท GitHub

It is from Mike Maxwell posted by bcoppeland

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