Aeotec Nano Dimmer power reporting woes

I've recently installed InfluxDB Logger and started running InfluxDB and Grafana on a server (fun stuff!). I've been adding to the list of logged information and creating charts and all was going well until I noticed that my lone Nano dimmer is always reporting 0 power. I have a bunch of the Nano switches and they report power promptly as one would expect but the dimmer only updates when I click the Refresh tile on the device page. I've verified with queries that InfluxDB is getting the same values I see on the device page.

I reported this to Aeotec Support and they have not heard of this issue. They asked to see the driver code which, of course, I can't see myself as the built-ins are not accessible. The tech says he'll bring their Hubitat demo unit ( :+1: :+1:) to the office next week and run some tests. Meanwhile I'm asking here in case there is a (un)known issue with the built-in driver.

Mine works fine. Must be a settings issue

This is what I normally use:

And I've tried several permutations including defaults:

What are you doing differently, @djashones?

I use 2 x LED dimmable light. Total power appro

x 12w

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Well I'll be... thanks @djashones for sharing your preferences.

It's working as expected now that I changed the meter reports to Energy, Power, Voltage, and Current. And I think it's a bug in either the firmware or the driver because having the meter reports set to Power works as expected on the Nano switch.

Anyway, I'm good now and I thank you again for providing a working example.

@aaiyar, I'll bet you know who to tag within the Staff to get the driver checked.

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Nope, only been using Hubitat now for 3 months. Got fed up with Home Assistant but still learning


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