Aeotec Nano Dimmer experience

Wanted to post this asking for support a few days ago but made the decision to talk to Aeotec support by email first (originally assumed they would be really difficult to get hold of or would not provide useful support). I was wrong about all my assumptions. They have been excellent in helping me so wanted to post about it in case anyone else has similar setup challenges.

Firstly I purchased the Aeotec Nano Dimmer because of the no-neutral support for installation due to legacy wiring in my 1890s built house. I did not realise initially they have a minimum power requirement for installation, so had to order the Aeotec Bypass Modules to allow the LED lamps to correctly turn off.

Problems solved I thought, but no, Now a new problem started which was as soon as I turned the light on it would turn off again by itself. Not commanded by anything. Sometimes after 2 seconds, others after 20. This was when I decided to ask for help.

Aeotec support responded to all my emails within hours, normally about 2. Excellent responses with clear information, questions and suggestions. Initially suspicion was on the current overload protection, but with only 30w of LED bulbs this was quickly ruled out. We then started looking at the Min and Max power settings. In this particular room I had set them both to 99% as the bulbs are not dimmable. They are Edison style oversize chosen by my partner for their asthetic, normally the cause of problems for me. Set both value to 80% and the bulbs were not happy, but they stayed on; Success. Gradually increased all the way to 95% and still working, still staying on and no flickering. Perfect.

Thank you to Aeotec for the excellent support, (not sure they will see it here but none the less...) and a huge recommendation from me for the use of these modules. Now to install the other 6 I have on a shelf waiting for me to ensure they are going to work reliably.

If the lights area always glowing dimly when off, buy the bypass modules and fir onto Load circuit.

If the lights spontaneously turn off after some seconds powered on reduce the Max Power value from 99 to 80, then work up to highest stable value.

If installing with non-dimmable bulbs set the Min Power Value to the same as Max Power Value, but DO NOT change parameter at the same time as Max (change Max, save, change Min, Save).


Oh man THANK YOU for posting this. I have these in our bedstand sconces and they have not been turning off but turning ON randomly. Sometimes every few minutes, sometimes every few hours. This is…. not great when we are asleep in the middle kf the night.

I also had super fast support from Aeotec, but their best advice was to pull the antenna to hang outside of the sconce (yuck).

I’ve now set the max to 80% (plenty bright for me), and min to 30% (I have dimmable bulbs which took forever to find working ones, but ~26% or lower and they just turn off). I’m sure this will jinx it, but your setting appear to have fixed the issue.

Thanks again, glad I found this post!

Just sharing similar experience with Fibaro dimmers 2. I had to set my brightness level to 64 for dimmable led lights to behave as expected. I also noticed that different drivers - Fibaro vs generic zwave dimmer require different power settings.
On a Hubitat Fibaro dimmer 2 driver the setting is "Maximum brightness level (parameter is set automatically during the calibration process) The parameter can be changed manually after the calibration. Range: 2~99 Default: 99". A setting of 64 works for my dimmable Leds. And I do not notice any difference in brightness between 64 and 99.

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