Aeotec MultiSensor7 Vibration Sensor Missing

I purchased a MultiSensor7 to replace my MultiSensor6 but was surprised to find that the Vibration Sensor was missing so I reached out to Aeotec:


The vibration sensor isn't supported in Hubitat at least in the standard driver they provide. To expose the vibration sensor you may need to utilize custom coding in order to bring the functionality to Hubitat.


Field Application Engineer
Aeotec Inc.

Why was the vibration sensor not part of the Hubitat Driver?

Is it called acceleration? It is on my multisensor6, but it detects pretty much the same sort of movement as vibration. Though I wouldn't choose this device again for vibration sensing as I don't find them sensitive enough.

Yep Hubitat called it Acceleration on the MultiSensor6, Aeotec calls it Vibration I have one of those as well in my Gun Safe and the Acceleration goes off if the door door is tugged on. I purchased the MultiSensor7 to replace it but miss that feature.

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