Aeotec Multisensor 7 Motion events only recorded when debug logs on

As title. Motion events are recorded in Events while debug logging is on, and are not logged while off. Temperature, humidity etc work as expected all the time. Would love this fixed as it's a nice but not cheap device!

If the firmware version on the device does not show 1.04 aka 1.4 or greater you maybe due for a firmware update. Also try rebooting the hub

I’m on hubitat version using the default Aeotec MultiSensor 7 driver and motion appears both events and logs with debug logging off.

The firmware on mine is 1.06 I've been through the rebooting, restarting radios, factory resetting device etc. I wonder if I might try it on a generic driver for a while to see if that catches motion. Might help to narrow down where the problem is.

The device is sending motion events on the Generic Z-wave Motion driver. I've checked for updates on Hubitat's main and z-wave updates options.

There's a noticeable delay but that might be because unusually I have this one battery powered and it probably takes a while to wake up.

I have all my MultiSensor 7s powered by POE, am also on 1.06 firmware and do not have debug turned on. Mine report motion every time in the logs. I don’t have any battery powered so I can’t speak to that. Driver type is Aeotech MultiSensor 7.

How do you power them by PoE? What hub and software/firmware version are you on?

Connect cat5e or cat6 cable to a POE switch to one of these.

Then plug that into the MultiSensor 7.

I’m using the C7 hub latest firmware.

I use this switch to power all my cameras and MultiSensor 7s

Interesting device, not seen one before! Well I am stumped by my Sensor problem. Can the battery power really make all the difference - unless there is some really unlikely error in the driver like "If battery power and not debug then don't record event" lol. I have seen other threads reporting no motion events on this device over the past year or so but no clear solution appeared to have been found. I'll go and ask if their device was on battery power, if I can do so without triggering the necroposting process

I never wanted to use these devices on battery due to what I was using them for (humidity) which required fast reporting. Motion was always secondary for me. I started out using MultiSensor 6 and the response rate for motion was always slower than my Centralite zigbee motion battery powered sensors even when the MultiSensor was powered by Poe. So I use the zigbee sensors for initial motion to say turn on the lights, but then use the MultiSensor to keep the lights on based on motion because my zigbee sensor can’t detect motion behind a shower curtain and I have the MultiSensor mounted in the ceiling that can see into the shower.

It kept falling offline after a few hours, and this time when I reset and rejoined it to the system I decided to try the Aeotec Multisensor 7 driver again.

When I try to provoke a motion or acceleration event by tapping the device on the shelf it logs the following line but registers no event:

The device offers the following details

Temperature, humidity etc are eventing regularly.

@bcopeland ? Is this your area?