Aeotec Multisensor 6 Crazy Readings

I occasionally (several times per day) get crazy readings from the Aeotec Multisensor 6 devices, of which I have 12.

For instance, temperature reads "70 degrees Farenheit" most of the day, then "1140 degrees Farenheit", then back down to "70 degrees Farenheit".

I also get negative temperature readings occasionally (-110 degrees Farenheit, etc).

I'm using a community driver that I have set to report every minute so I get these frequently.

Also, Humidity can go from normal (50%) to 1%

Any relief from this?

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I have also seen these spikes. I use hubigraphs and it shows up fairly frequently in the charts. It is usually late at night or something that does not effect my automation, so I have not spent time trying to answer the "why" or how to remedy.

Watching to see if there is one.

Not seeing it.. although age wise, my MultiSensor6's are all "old" (more than 2 years)

I looked at the device info page of one.. then looked at events, selected 100 events and copy/pasted that into a spreadsheet. Trimmed the excess and sorted based on Event Name:

Name	Value	Unit
humidity	37	%
humidity	38	%
humidity	40	%
humidity	42	%
humidity	51	%
humidity	50	%
humidity	49	%
humidity	48	%
humidity	47	%
humidity	46	%
humidity	44	%
humidity	42	%
humidity	39	%
humidity	36	%
illuminance	99	lux
illuminance	94	lux
illuminance	78	lux
illuminance	62	lux
illuminance	44	lux
illuminance	17	lux
illuminance	0	lux
illuminance	1	lux
illuminance	0	lux
temperature	74.3	°F
temperature	73.3	°F
temperature	72.3	°F
temperature	71.7	°F
temperature	72.1	°F
temperature	71.8	°F
temperature	72.3	°F
temperature	72.7	°F
temperature	73	°F
temperature	73.2	°F
temperature	73.5	°F
temperature	73.6	°F
temperature	73.8	°F
temperature	73.1	°F

I'm not seeing absurd values... at least on this one :slight_smile:

I am not suggesting that YOU are not seeing what you are seeing, that's not my point.. I am showing: you are correct in thinking it's odd.

Here's an example. This is only a slightly crazy reading. Look at 12:38:45 and the two surrounding temperature readings. My room went to near freezing and back in a couple minutes! Haha..

Battery?? Is it low??

Battery values in IOT devices are 'wishful thinking', mostly. Lithium batteries go from full power to nothing in minutes.. fall-off-a-cliff like.

Your list of Symptoms don't scream battery, but readings that jump around does. The communications between a MS6 and the Hub is going to be received correctly or dropped. Therefore, it's most likely that your MS6 is sending those values. The question then becomes HOW in the world does it do that? :slight_smile: Choices seem to be 'broken' or 'battery' to my way of thinking.

These are all on USB power.

Here is another weird reading that just happened. This one is humidity.

Now we’re at 124% humidity.

FYI this happened in SmartThings as well.

Have you looked at the multisensor recently? This happened to me a few months back (on USB power), and there must have been an electrical surge, for a few of the sensors were blown. I doubt this is the case in your scenario, as you get "right" readings.

Mostly I get good readings. Cannabis grow room (legal in Oregon). I have 4 sensors In one room and 2 in another. Mostly they line up just fine with their readings. But then I get a 480 degree temperature on one of them and I check the cameras to see if the room is on fire.

I'd guess garbage out caused by a bug in the sensor firmware. Perhaps triggered by a failed communication with the hub and an attempted resend but anything at this point is just a guess. Crank up the frequency on one and turn on debug logging and see what happens.

Now my room is on fire again :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks like a bug. Try shooting them a message with what you're seeing. They may have a fix.

I'm been having the same issue and I posted in another thread. Did you get a resolution to your problem?

No resolution. In fact I have updated firmware on all of the aeotec sensors and still get erroneous readings several times per day.

Seems like they would be able to filter out crazy values in the driver.

I thought it might be related to bad packets from being too far away from the hub. It is my only Zwave device so no mesh network. Is yours far away from your hub or the only Zwave device in your setup?

I would agree with you. I don't know groovy or I would figure out how to do it myself.

I have 10 of these sensors. First couple of them are 3-5 feet away from the hub. Distance is not a factor.

Please enable Debugs and monitor your logs.

You should see logs such as:

dev:431 2020-12-28 08:46:41.764 am info  Temperature is 72.9°F
dev:431 2020-12-28 08:46:41.760 am debug finalval = 72.9
dev:431 2020-12-28 08:46:41.756 am debug raw temp = 72.9,

The first one "raw temp" is simply what gets delivered from the MS6 before normalizing. "finalval" is after normalizing and then the Info one is just the one that gets displayed when debugs are off.

I have 12 of these MS6 and I haven't seen an out of range value, yet.

I'd also be curious about the thresholds set... you're getting the out-of-range values on a 1 min interval, which gets 'corrected' 2 seconds later.