Aeotec Minimotes as Z-Wave Garage Openers

When I was on Smartthings, I used Aeotech mini motes as garage door openers. I was always impressed how they were ready to open the door at the moment I approached, perhaps within 150 ft of the house.

I have had more than my fair share of issues with Z-Wave on Hubitat. Everything seems to be working good now, but I don't want to introduce any problems. Considering these are battery powered, would it be a big deal to the hub if they left with the cars like a normal garage opener would?

Would like to use these again, but looking for any advice on people who have. Thanks.

You just have to recharge them periodically. I use one in a similar fashion to turn on lights as the car pulls in the driveway (no garage).

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Yeah, thanks, I keep some old micro USB cables in the cars. just worried that the coming and going will affect the Z-Wave mesh, which seems very sensitive with hubitat.

It shouldn't. It's essentially like the ST presence fob in that respect.