Aeotec Garage door controller issues

That's maybe what's needed. Many times a device will need both Exclusion and Factory Rest. Some do this as a matter of course. There is a separate note about factory reset in the manual that follows the instruction for using a Z-Stick or Minimote. So perhaps you can just reset the Z-Wave radio, without doing a full factory reset?

did you get it to work? i am unable to find the device as well.

Memory says this device needs to pair securely to a controller. If you have successfully excluded it from the previous controller, bring it very close to HE and then repeat the pairing.

After pairing, move it to its final location, and rebuild/repair your z-wave network.

Could never get this to work for me. I've come to the conclusion its my hubitat. After taking the Aeotec garage controller to both my parents hubitat and a friends, it paired securely on their Hubitat immediately.

The only difference is I have a c4, they both have c5's.

I've since given this device to that friend as he could use it.

Got it to work. excluding using hubitat didnt work well. when i used the smarthings hubs to exclude, it worked perfectly.

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Sorry to necro this topic - I can get my Aeotec gen 5 Garage Door Controller to pair no problem as a secure device (most Aeotec devices require you to double-press the pair button for secure pairing mode).

I can also change the device type to "Generic Garage Door Controller" - however it sits there saying:

Current States

  • door : unknown

and I can seem to get it to show states. It will send open/close commands ok tho. Any Ideas?

Never mind, after doing a manual door calibration*, it now works great!

  1. *Close the garage door
  2. Hold down the big white open/close button for 10 seconds until the network lights starts flashing
  3. Press the big white open/close button once and let the door open fully
  4. make sure the door has a good 5 or so seconds to settle, then Press the big white open/close button once to close the door.
  5. You are done, grab yourself a Beer! :smiley:
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