Aeotec DSB45-ZWUS Water Sensor Device Type?

Has anyone successfully configured this water/flood sensor? It's Z-Wave based and I can get it included onto Hubitat as a contact sensor, but the only data it is able to pull from it is the battery level. I've tried adjusting the device types and currently have it as a Generic Z-Wave Water Sensor, but triggering it does not change the status of the device.

It's older and not currently available for sale, but its nearly 4-foot cord is nice for some applications.

I have one of these and had to include it up close to the hub. But once it came in moving it was fine. Try excluding again and including up next to the hub. Mine shows battery and water as status. I am using generic z-wave water sensor as a driver.

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Yep, that was it. I had to do a Force Remove on the device as excluding it didn't work, but after factory resetting the sensor and including it again, it worked. I changed it from a contact sensor to the Generic Z-Wave Water Sensor and triggered it and the "water: dry/wet" status showed up on the device.

Thanks! Those two were the last holdouts of my 70+ devices to successfully move over and everything's looking good.

Welcome. I knew that one was a finicky one. Glad it worked. It is always nice to get those last ones working.