Aeotec Doorbell

I was looking through the possibilities, and still fairly new to Rule Machine:
I have the Aeotec doorbell and the button appears etc.
I would like to have something like the Alexa notification of package delivery trigger the Klaxon, or the Siren sound from the Doorbell.
Anyone have a code snippet or process idea that I could try to get this done?

Which specific Aeotec device do you have?

I have an Aeotec doorbell Gen 5. That one plugs directly into a wall socket. It also has a USB port on the back that you can use to upload custom mp3 or wav file to the device. I used basic rules to link each of my sensors to a specific sound. Thus, when the back door opens, the doorbell announces, "The back door has been opened."

The newer Gen 6 doorbell uses a wallwart power supply. It also lacks the USB upload feature, so you are stuck using the specific sounds programmed at the factory. However, unless you need something fancy, basic rules should suffice.

I have the Gen6. So no custom tones. I see the button triggers, and events and such but I don't see any way to pull from Alexa for package delivery notification.

Maybe less to do with the Doorbell itself and more about how to get the package delivery trigger from the Alexa skill?

I have a Ring doorbell/camera that alerts me when anyone approaches the front door. Then multiple Alexa devices give me a notification message when a package arrives. I have not tried integrating that with Hubitat.

You can create a virtual device within Hubitat that can be turned on and off by Alexa, but I do not know if the Alexa delivery notification skill can be set up to trigger the virtual device.

Mine keeps showing up as an unknown device so I have no access to add sounds.

I have no idea how to get anything other then the usual dings to work. I wish it had any sort of documentation.