Aeotec doorbell/siren vs Ecolink siren

Oh wow thanks for the heads up.

So does this mean that if I assign them to a "siren" slot they will be loud too?!

Going to try right now....

I just tried it and I can't even get the file to replace the stock sound. I gave it the number that I wanted to replace....

OOPS! I spoke to soon. I got it working

It looks to me like there are 5 slots that are full volume. 13, 16, 17, 25, and 26.
Slot 26 stock sound is the same as what plays with the "siren" command. I assume that will play whatever I replace it with?

Also, from what I can tell, I could have whatever custom sounds I want assigned to where ever I want and if I remove the sd card it will revert back to stock?

Yes, the custom sounds assigned to the "siren" slots will play loud and continuously. Play through the 30 default sounds to figure out what each slot does and then assign your custom sound files to the appropriate slots.

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Ray, found you over here on this link.
I did get my Ecolink Chime Siren Model ISZW7-ECO from Amazon the other day!
Easy Z-wave install to C7.
Found out I did not know what to do next to have my dashboard see the alarms.
Can you help with where to get a Driver and how to install it?
Great advice about use of Rules Machine vs basic rules.
I have about 40 Lutron Casita devices on so far.
You guys on this community are really helpful!

The device driver you need for the Ecolink Chime Siren 700 series is called "Ecolink Chime Siren". Open the devices link within Hubitat. The click on "Add Device". Search by brand for "Ecolink". That will bring up the list of compatible Ecolink devices. Choose "Siren", which will bring up two devices. Select the "chime = siren" device for the ISZW7-ECO and use the driver for your device.

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Thanks yes did that and it work using device manager ok.
Just didn't know how to use it in dashboard yet.

I will send you a private message with the details. I thought I had already sent it a couple of weeks ago, but could not find it in my list.

you sent the info about adding custom sounds thanks.
The chime shows up ok in Devices. but that is the only name that shows up when I add it to the dashboard. No individual templates to select for sounds.

Yikes, rules machine only to access sounds? if so, can you provide an example if that is how I select sounds to play? I may be way off track here, thinking maybe a CSS add ?

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