Aeotec Doorbell Button Error

A while back I got an Aeotec Siren/Doorbell with the button on Amazon. The doorbell recently failed so I got a new one and paired the old button with the new siren. I have started to notice that is is disconnecting / having issues. The siren will slow blink and at first I thought it was the batteries, so I made sure it was plugged in and the remote had a fresh battery. Sill had issues and was not sure what is going on. When it is slow blinking the remote won't register with the Hubitat or the remote won't trigger the door bell. This is the error I get when I click on the button when it's "disconnected"

I did figure out how to reconnect it and get everything working. If I go into the device settings and play a sounds, any of them. The light stops blinking, the remote connects again, and the light stops blinking, and everything becomes responsive again. But it's kind of random when the doorbell has this issue again. I have removed it from the Hubitat and reconnected it. Did anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

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