Aeotec Doorbell 6 Vibration/Tamper Noise

How does one disable the tamper/vibration alert on the unit. I can't find any obvious setting to change. For a while the siren sat on top the fridge and then I finally installed it (on the side of a cupboard) and now it chimes very loudly when closed and my wife lets me know about how happy she is that her cupboard alerts when it is closed.

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Are you using it as a doorbell? In my case I am using mine as a siren only and got around the tamper alert problem by setting the volume of the parent device to the lowest setting and using the siren child device when I wanted an actual noise

I'm not currently using it as a doorbell, but would like to. Haven't gotten around to hanging the button for the doorbell yet is all.

I actually opened a ticket with aeotec after making this thread and they told me that hubitat has a new driver for it, which I now use. It allows you to control the tamper alerts, but the setting for the tamper flashing light is still broken

It looks like with Siren New driver you can also use the buttons to trigger sounds so that should suit you if you can put up with the flashing

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