Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7

@mike.maxwell any useful response from Aeotec yet?

Yes, the tilt function is rubbish, so the driver won't include that, but it will be in the next release.


Great, thanks Mike!

Any news on the final driver? I just integrated it but with the generic contact driver for the moment.

Are the parameters of the v6 very different then those of the v7?

FWIW, I've just finished/stopped arguing the tilt functionality with Aeotec and essentially, the tilt sensor cannot be used for any reasonable purposes. Chris@Aeotec promised to correct the Amazon description and reflect the fact.
The issue is that the tilt changes are not being reported independently from other sensors. Only when the contact, dry or magnet, opens, a tilt report is sent.

LOL, I had the same argument with them a couple of weeks ago...

How about adding the inbuilt tamper sensor, is this also complicated?