Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 stopped updating states


Yesterday I paired my new Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 and I installed it in my front door which is close to the Hub (about 3 meters/10 feet).

In the first tests, it worked well but sometimes it didn't update the current state when the door opened or closed.
Now it stopped changing the status, it always shows "Open"

When the door opens or closes, the led blinks once as it detect the contact, but in the Hubitat logs nothing happens nor it update to the correct state.

Then I removed it from the door, removed the device from Hubitat and did a reset.
When I paired the device again, it worked fine at beggining but stopped updating the status again after some tests.

As this is my first contact sensor, what do you suggest me to do to fix this issue?

These are new sensors that while backward compatible, are designed to work with the new 700 series Z-Wave radios. Capture some logs so @mike.maxwell can have a look. If these are not too far from the hub (thus simply needing a repeater), then there might be some adjustments to the driver needed.

These are very new and there could be some kinks that still have to be worked out. I can’t even get those on yet.

Sounds like a signal strength issue.
Do you have another wireless device such as WiFi router or cordless phone nearby that could be weakening the signal ?
Your door is not metal is it ?
Try repositioning your hub by rotating it 90 -180 degrees or such like.

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Wifi frequencies shouldn’t have any effect on z-wave.. But could still be signal related... Are there other mains powered z-wave devices in your network?


Thank you for your answers.
I made a test where I paired the door sensor again near Hubitat hub and it works all the time, except if I rotate the base sensor. For example, I rotated the base sensor 90 degrees and put it in a horizontal position, it started to fail sometimes and I got some repeated state updates:


Seems like this sensor has a gyroscope sensor, and my wood door vibrates a lot when I close it, could that be a problem?

Btw, is there a way to desactivate the gyroscope sensor? I don't know if one of those ConfigVal variables has something to do with it


Signal Strenght doesn't seem to be a problem has there is only a wall between the door and the device and the distance is short

This may be indicating a signal issue. It can be weak if there's something in the wall that is blocking the signal. Doubtful that just rotating a sensor 90˚ would cause it to fail. A Z-Wave repeater will help with this sensor and future Z-Wave devices you add.

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I can find no mention in the manufactures data sheets of a gyroscope being part of that Door/Window sensor.

Maybe check Under HE Settings, in the Zwave tab, ensure you have NOT selected Zwave Secure mode.

See below:

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However.. It seems it doesn’t report specifics on the gyroscope.. Just uses it to report open / closed..

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Clearly I can’t did my glasses either. Lol

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Yea.. And I realized it afterwards @njanda it looks like I was slamming you.. That wasn’t my intent and I hope you didn’t take it as such..

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All good man. No agro taken. :+1:t3:

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That seems to indicate that it may need to be specified if it’s mounted sideways as @andrenn23 was suggesting. But the driver is missing the ability to control the command class “binary sensor -tilt type”.

@mike.maxwell Is there a change needed for this?

I don't understand, do you mean an option to ignore (if possible) the specific report type generated by the internal tilt sensor?

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Update: I reseted the sensor and placed it in the diferent part of the door and now it's working great.

I checked the logs and now I didn't find anything about tilt detection. But I remember to have found logs about tilt detection before I reseted the device.

I still suspect that the reason it stopped working was because of it, and it didn't change the state because the sensor thought it was still open (just my guess)

If it happens again I will post the logs in here

One of the models has a tilt feature that just reports on/off based on it's position, but that feature is poorly designed which is probably why the related settings and capability isn't implemented in the Hubitat driver...

I had trouble getting it to report tilt while writing a DTH, but I was able to get these instructions from someone at Aeotec:

  1. Hold DW Sensor vertically with the arrow pointing right and the magnet sensor on the right side (magnet in right hand, DW Sensor in left).

  2. Pull your left hand forward and at the same time tilt it about 30 - 40 degrees towards your body and hold it that way for a few seconds.

  3. DW Sensor will report open first, then after a 2-3 seconds, Binary Sensor should report if triggered a tilt report.

  4. You can now move them as you see fit, when you put the magnet near the DW Sensor, both tilt sensor and contact sensor should report CLOSED or OFF.

I was able to get the device to send the tilt report by following those instructions, but the way it's designed prevents you from using it on a garage door.

I went back and forth with them a few times about that feature and here's the final rant I ended up sending:

Based on my testing, it won't report that it's been tilted until after the open notification has been sent and it won't report not tilted until the closed notification is sent so since it's already reporting open and closed there's not point in reporting tilt.

Let's say I'm wrong and you're able to crack the window enough to trigger tilt, but not open enough to trigger contact open, that still won't work because when you close the window nothing will happen because the contact is already closed. The only way to get it to report that it's not tilted would be to open the window enough for it to trigger contact open, wait 3 seconds, and then close it all the way.

Closing the window has the same problem because if you close the window almost all the way so that the notification report is closed, but it's still tilted then when you close the window nothing will happen so it will be stuck showing tilted until you re-open it like mentioned above.

To make the problem even worse, when the contact closes the sensor binary report gets sent immediately so if you're slowly closing your window it might report that it's tilted even though you closed it completely a couple seconds later. If that happens you'll have to re-open it again like mentioned above and hope that you close it fast enough the next time so that the problem doesn't happen again.

I'm pretty sure there are no use cases where the tilt functionality will be usable because of the magnet.

The magnet shouldn't be required for tilt and if the tilt value changes it should immediately report it...


The tilt reporting is dependent on the contact sensor's state, but not the other way around so the open/close reporting should always work.

The magnet is really tiny so the lines have to be lined up almost perfectly and while holding the device to test it I sometimes had a hard getting it to stay closed because the magnet kept slipping out of alignment.

If your magnet was slightly out of alignment when you mounted it then it wouldn't surprise me if opening and closing the door a few times knocked it completely out which would explain why it stopped reporting closed. That could also explain why re-mounting the sensor solved the problem.


I recently purchased these and am using with My C7. Has any progress been made on improving performance of the open/close activity? They seem to work when not mounted but are unreliable once installed. I bought three and only one works consistently. I do have one door where I had to mount the magnet perpendicular to the sensor, which is likely causing problems, but the red light blinks when opening and closing so it does not make sense to me that it would not work.