Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6

I have several Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 6 contacts. When I migrated over from Smartthings, I was able to get them added to my Hubitat hub without issue, but the "Contact" state refused to show up or update in the device page. Through probably no less than 30 excludes / device factory resets / includes of each device, I was finally able to get all three of them working as expected.

Following the 2.2.4 update, I realized two of these contact sensors dropped the "Contact" state again and were not working. The third one, while still working, was chewing through battery life at an extreme rate. After trouble shooting for several days (along with other contact sensor issues I'm having since 2.2.4), I excluded and removed all three of these Aeotec sensors again. I'm in the same loop now: I can get them to include but they don't pick up a "Contact" state and don't function (during inclusion, they always get detected as a generic zwave contact sensor, but the "Contact" state never shows up... the devices do detect an event as the activity light does blink green during and open / close event).

I noticed one thing: The Hubitat documentation page for these devices lists product model ZW112 (Join and Reset Instructions - Hubitat Documentation) ... all three of mine are ZW112-A. I have no idea if that matters, but thought I'd mention it.

what firmware are you on with them?

I'd have to re-add one to check, but I suspect not the latest (which I believe is 1.0.3). I've been ignoring these as I'm trying to troubleshoot other issues I've been having with Ecolink contact sensors since the 2.2.4 update.

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Yeah I think that is the latest :+1:. Mine works and is on the latest. The battery reporting is :-1: though. But as it's a discontinued product I doubt it's going to get any changes.

Following the firmware update to 1.0.3, all contact sensors are working as expected (and included without issue on the first try).

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I have several Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6. How do I tell what firmware version they are?

I used a Z-stick and the associated firmware update software from Aeotec to confirm their firmware before upgrading. I'm not certain if the hubitat device page lists the firmware version or not (mine wasn't, but I was never certain if they were fully including or not in the first place, so I wasn't really trusting that info to begin with).

here on mine. if its a C-7 I think the firmware updater app would also do it.
edit : yes confirmed it will.

OK....The firmware version does not show on my device I may try the firmware updater app.

EDIT: I was having problems with 2 of these Door Sensor 6 controlling toilet room lights. They were very inconsistent. The batteries reported at 100%, but I got the idea to charge them up anyway, and guess what, they still report 100% but now they work fine. Lesson to be not believe the battery reporting values.

-A is US/Canada/Mexico Z-Wave frequency.
-C is CEPT (Europe) Z-Wave frequency,

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