Aeotec Cam360

Is it possible to connect my Aetec cam360 to my hub?

Did you check the list of compatible devices?

There is also a link in there for community supported devices.

Hey guys and ladies. I know that the Cam360 doesnโ€™t work outside of ST. But my question is whether any of you have looked at ways to replace the drivers and make it work on HE?

When I was on ST, I loved the way I could use the Cam360 to trigger alerts directly in ST. But I donโ€™t feel like using ST just to use my Cams, and while ST was great for a newb, I am over it and its privacy issues.

As always, thanks so much :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to setup node red to bring the camera events into HE from Smartthings. Basically it just means usikg ST as a cloud aggregator.

If you are interested look up using Samsung Automation Studio with Arlo. The same idea would apply.

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