Aeotec Bulb 6 Multi-White EU - poor dimming range

So I purchased two of them and included them with S2 Unauthenticated security.
I found that when dimming down to 1% the bulbs still are way too bright, especially when compared with the Aeon Bulb 6 Multi-Color, using the same color temperature.
I am using the HE driver, switching to different drivers didn't help.

Any other owners of these bulbs that can confirm this behavior?

Just received a couple of these bulbs yesterday and indeed, lowest level is still quite bright.

Aeotec Support had been able to reproduce this behaviour and confirmed that it's "by design" and that there will be no firmware-update for the device, so it looks like we have to live with it.

So I placed mine where only bright light is needed and used the RGB-bulbs for the rest of the house.

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