Aeotec / Aeon SmartStrip driver with children and energy reporting

I have five of the Aeotec SmartStrips and love them but can't seem to find a driver that allows for the individual outlet child devices so they can work with dashboards and Echo integration without having to resort to virtual switches and rules.

I have tried "Aeon SmartStrip - 6 Switch" from @ericm and "Aeon SmartStrip LGK" from @kahn-hubitat but while they are great drivers for the main unit and report energy per outlet, etc, they don't use child devices and require virtual switches and or rules.

I tried Eric's Virtual Device Sync app to auto-create the virtual switches and they seem to work pretty reliably without having to make rules, but couldn't get the option for Energy Switch to work as it seemed to require a sub-driver that wasn't on the github with the switch and dimmer code so I could only get it working as virtual regular switches... either way still neither work with the newer child device functionality.

I did find a Zooz driver that supported child devices (tweaked to work with the SmartStrip) by @denise.grider and further tweaked by @elfege here:

But while this supports child devices, it doesn't have any energy reporting at all and is a bit flaky if you turn the parent device on or off... it cycles through each child for some reason.

Ultimately what I'm hoping to find is an energy reporting driver that supports child devices and control and data per outlet but so far haven't found anything.

I've searched quite a bit but can't seem to find one and can't quite figure out how to merge the multiple approaches to come up with what I am looking for.


"with children and energy" sounds a bit of an oxymoron, remembering my exhausting experience bringing up kids... :smiley:

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what is the difference between virtual switches and child devices they are all devices in the system? not sure what your looking for.

the driver i wrote lets you turn on the switches individually the first couple of switches are not individiaully controlled no matter what the driver.

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