Aeotec 40 amp switch Vs Enbrighten 40 amp switch

I’m looking to purchase a z-wave outdoor switch to replace the mechanical timer on my pool pump. I’m trying to decide which would be the better option. Either the Aeotec switch

Or the Enbrighten switch.

I read a lot of reviews and am still undecided. Any suggestions from the group. Thanks.

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I have been using the Enbrighten 40 amp switch for my outdoor lighting for almost a year now. It has been operating just fine. I have never had a hiccup or issue with it.

I did not need the 40 amp capacity, but I got it because it is in a NEMA 3R weatherproof metal enclosure. It seems to be rugged and well built.

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Thank you Sakman. I appreciate the response.

I have an Aeotec that I use indoors. I don't think the weatherproofing is that great. I think if you were to use it outside, you'd have to put it in something.

I have the older version of the enbrighten (non plus) and have had it for a number of years now. It works great. No issues. Solid build and stands up to the weather. Its out there all year long during the summer and the winter. In winter I cut the power to it though.

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My 2 cents, and I used both Enbrighten & Aeotec devices, tho not this specific one. I can say, all my Aeotec devices are rock solid, even older non plus devices. The fastest, most reliable pieces of equipment I own are Aeotec.
I can't imagine you'll have issues with either, but I prefer Aeotec.

EDIT- I'd suggest looking into the type of repeater either device will be, ie: is it a FLiRS or does it support beaming? I'd get the one that supports both features, if possible

EDIT-the enbrighten is almost double the price of the Aeotec, on that alone I'd go Aeotec


Thank you Rxich. I appreciate it.

Thank you gavincampbell

Thanks for input.

I use the Enbrighten outdoors for my pool pump, I like that it has the physical button, and I prefer the panel form factor. It replaces a similar unit which used proprietary WiFi that connected to Alexa, but the local Z-Wave control is a much better solution. I will also add that I am impressed with the GE version, it seems like the electrical internal are higher quality than what I had previously -- the relay seems more confident and pump starts are much smoother and quieter.

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No experience w/this particularl switch, but can speak generally about the Enbrighten brand - I only use Enbrigtent/Jasco/GE switches in my home, and they just work. They respond quickly when used, and don't cause me any problems. If I was making this purchase I'd go w/Enbrighten.

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I've used the Aeotec on my pool pump for a couple years now. Works fine, no issues.

I will say, if I was purchasing one now...I would probably go with this one or this If you are comfortable flashing tasmota these would be a bit cheaper and you wouldn't have to be concerned about mesh issues if you wanted to turn off the breaker during winter.

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That Dewenwils is the one I used to have -- it was frustrating to connect to WiFi.

The Enbrighten is a lot cheaper at Jasco:

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Thank you, I saw that but unfortunately I am retired and moved to Puerto Vallarta Mx. and Jasco does not ship here.

The Sinope heavy duty Zigbee switch works well too

Why not get a NEMA 4X enclosure for a 240V contactor with a 120V coil? And then plug the coil into the zigbee or zwave outlet of your choice?

A contactor like this one would work:

Packard - DP301202 C230B 2 Pole 30 Amp Contactor, 120 Voltage Coil


I'm looking at these same devices, but for the power monitoring feature not the switch function.

Have any of you had experience with power monitoring using either of these "switches?"

I want to use this to work with my electric clothes dryer to switch on and off a vent booster fan. The idea is that Hubitat could see whether the plugged-in appliance was drawing power or not and turn the booster fan on or off accordingly.

Appearantly, Hubitat has an official driver for the Enbrighten 40 amp switch, but I could not find one for the Aeotec 40 amp switch.

I'd love to hear your comments.