Aeon SmartStrip error in logs

Anyone use this smart power strip? I'm getting bombarded with errors in the logs. I'm using the built in driver. These are just 3 lines of many.

[dev:15]( 07:30:23.494 pm [error]( null on line 250 (parse)
[dev:15]( 07:30:23.491 pm [error]( null on line 250 (parse)
[dev:15]( 07:30:22.358 pm [error]( null on line 250 (parse)

I have three and only on one am I getting errors?

That is strange... mine will go on for hours without an error then suddenly just spit out lines of those.

I have sent an email to support but no reply yet. This might be at bottom of the the priority list.

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