Aeon Smart Switch 6 Issue

I have just purchased a C7 and am in the process of switching my zwave devices from HomeSeer to Huibitat, I will be keeping HS4 and relaying the zwave via HE Elevation.

I migrated across an Aeon Smart Switch Gen 6 that controls a fountain pump by way of a button on a wall mote quad and also via timed events in HS4.

I notice that timed events from HS4 work fine and the first press of the button on the quad works, but after the button press the device becomes unresponsive to further commands of any kind. Attempted zwave repair but it says node not responding.

The only way of restoring normal operation is to power cycle the smart switch. This issue is 100% repeatable, it does the same thing every time you use the quad to manually control it.

I have replaced the smart switch with a Gen 5 model and this works fine in every possible combination so I am guessing it must be something to do with driver used by C7 as I never had an issue with the smart switch 6 in HomeSeer.

Has anyone had any issue like this with Aeon switch devices in Hubitat?

My issue isn't quite like yours in that I don't get complete freeze-up, but I I have Aeotec Smart Switch 6s (SS6) on a Hubitat C7 running I believe(?) Aeon and Aeotec are more or less the same thing? (I confess I don't fully understand the relationship or if they might even be the same entity)


I've been chasing Zwave issues from day 1 (Zwave freezes, loooong delay even from sensors that literally have line-of-sight to the hub). As I have had time, I have been removing and re-adding devices to try to find out what the heck is causing my pains. I'm starting to lean towards the SS6s. The RTT time to the SS6s tends to be significantly higher than any other Zwave devices in the environment. The one reporting the highest RTT of the SS6s right this moment--212ms (vs 1-8ms for nearly everything else)--has literal line-of-sight to the hub. I have ~40 Inovelli LZW31-SN deployed all over the house, so I don't feel like I have any dead spots in the Zwave mesh.

Sometimes turning the SS6 on takes 3-7 seconds but afterwards I can turn it off/on quickly.
Other times it turns on quickly but then takes 3-7 seconds to turn back off. Sometimes the on/off commands seem to get completely lost, as the switch will not turn on/off at all until I issue a follow-up on/off command.

I have some Aeotec Range Extender 7s (RE7), but they're currently not deployed as they were one of my original suspects for causing these pain points. If I am remembering correctly I had the SS6s and RE7s deployed at the same time previously, so perhaps I'll try swapping out the SS6s for RE7s and re-assessing. I don't actually have anything hanging off the SS6s at the moment (just using them for Zwave mesh extension) so I do have the freedom to experiment in this way.

SS6 are running the newest US firmware.

I'll chime back in if I learn any more.

Cheers doogles

Good luck with it all.

Ok, it's not the SS6 that's causing my problems (took them out of the equation and still see the occasional delays).

I think I might be battling with 900MHz interference. Going to make another thread asking for input on how to track down what the heck it might be. Perhaps I need to purchase on of my neighbors a new cordless phone. :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I narrowed this down -- it appears one of my neighbors have a Zwave setup. I noticed during the bursts of CRC-errored frames (what I called "intereference") that one or two valid frames leaked in bearing a Zwave Home ID that wasn't mine. So I guess I won't be replacing anyone's cordless phone after all.

Frankly, the fact I have a neighbor with Zwave stuff sort of surprises me. Are there commercial security systems that use Zwave? Or do I have a genuine HA nerd living next to me?