Aeon smart switch 6 dashboard

Hello there, I am moving over from SmartThings and so far so good. I made a test dashboard and added my aeon smart switch 6 to it, but in the dashboard just show the energy used. How to I get to switch it on and off? Thanks in advance. I am sure there is going to be more questions.

The Smart Switch 6 is many devices in one...

and oh yes, a switch :slight_smile:


On Dashboard you can display Attributes with the Attributes Template/Tile. So just add a Tile, for your device, using Switch Template. You can place them over each other if it looks good.

22%20PM 13%20PM

That's an RGB bulb, at the back is the regular tile. Click on it, opens to:

Kind of a lot of clicking to just turn on a bulb. So I put a smaller switch tile on top. Click the bottom "half" the bulb goes on or off. Click the top "half" and the usual popup displays.

Thanks I was messing around with the tiles and I just found out how to do it. I

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