Aeon Recessed Door sensor

Should this work with Sensative Strips?
I see there is reference to it in the DH.
I cannot get it to work with this DH.

not sure

Both of these devices should now work with the generic z-wave contact sensor driver.


Just changed my strips to this DH and they are working OK.
Thanks for the heads up.

Awesome work, saved my day, The wiki claims the generic zwave contact driver works on the Aeon gear, except it doesn't for the models I have. Your driver seems to work and has exposed the Contact open/closed state.

Works perfectly with the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6. Thanks @keltymd1

Trying to get this driver to work with an Aeon Recessed door sensor. I don't get any contact state in Current States, just Battery: 100. Is there something I need to do?

They work perfectly with the generic z-wave sensor (as do sensitive strips).

Got 6 of them working nicely this week having transferred from the other hub.

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Me too. Generic ZWave Contact Sensor as the driver.

@bill didn't I read in a different post that you're double clicking and thus Securely Pairing? That's one difference.. none of mine are securely paired.

Yeah I am. I couldnt get them to pair unsecurely, and since they finally started working paired as is, I'm loath to mess with them again.

I had a hell of a time getting them to pair up until I pulled the battery for several minutes, then re-inserted and double clicked to pair. They paired right up when I did that, but if I didn't pull the battery for long enough they wouldn't pair.

It could well be that they would have unsecurely paired after pulling the battery for long enough too but I didn't try that.

Does anyone know if this driver also works with the version 7

I just tried it on one of my version 7 door sensors, and it seems to work but I lost the tamper state. The battery level was still at 100% but my devices are too new to know if they've drained much of the battery. They are working on a driver for version 7 though:

Inclusion/exclusion is triple-click which is probably why you were having such a hard time getting it to pair.

I've added/removed them 10+ times without any problems and haven't had to pull the battery at all...

I still hate these devices and am looking to replace them. The biggest problem with this device is that it reports incorrect state far too often. These are the only contact sensors I have that do this, and of course they're in the most important places, the doors to the house. Again, a device that has ONE JOB and doesn't do it reliably is worse than useless IMHO.

The second problem with this device is one I'm facing with one of them right now, it drains the battery in about 10 days. The 2 other ones I have last longer, though not nearly as long as other contact sensors I have.

The third problem is of course the often difficult setup and inclusion.

In any event, does anybody know of another sensor that would fit in the same hole? Maybe one of these:

New user trying to get AeoTec ZW112-A to work. Currently I can't get the contact to switch states. Live log shows the following msg:
2020-09-25 07:49:37.531 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Possible solutions: find(), print(java.lang.Object), print(, print(java.lang.Object), find(groovy.lang.Closure), run() (ping)

Hi, just an update from my experience for future searchers. I have the Hubitat C7, just arrived this month May 2021 (I just left Fibaro). I could not get the "Generic Z-wave Contact Sensor" nor the "Generic Z-wave Plus Contact Sensor" (as my recessed door sensor was Z-wave Plus) to work with the Hubitat hub. I had it all connected but esentially there was no door open/closed updates within the system. By adding this user driver from this thread it worked straight away!

Many thanks to the creator.

Same thing with me, managed to use this driver with the Oomi door/window contact sensor; thanks for the creator!

God bless you for this driver. I've been migrating from vera plus to hubitat elevation for about 2 months. These aeon contact sensors were the 1st I migrated, and they worked. have a couple dozen devices on the hubitat and all of these aeon devices stopped working. This driver fixed them.

Only thing not working is the Trane Thermostat. It to worked but stopped as additional devices were added to the hub, and newer hub software versions installed.


Lifesaver! I am porting Aeotec DSB54-ZWEU recessed door sensors from one hub to another (as part of a hub mesh exercise). Whilst they work on the old hub, they will not initialise properly on the new hub. Same version of FW.

Found this driver, works well. Very happy. Thanks for this. Device previously used the Generic Z-Wave contact sensor.

The Aeotec DSB54-ZWEU is the EU version of the Aeotec DSB54-ZWUS


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