Aeon Multisensor 6 ignoring report interval?

Have picked up a few Aeon Multisensor 6's for some general humidity and temperature monitoring. Planning to run them from battery, with reporting interval generally pretty long but maybe made shorter when, for example, somebody is in the room.

Using @cSteele's AeotecMultiSensor6 driver, have tried to get the sensor to report at shorter intervals while on battery (doing the setup while on USB power, of course). No matter what I do, though, when I put the device back on battery it seems bent on reporting humidity and temperature exactly every 4 minutes, like this:

This seems independent of what I set the temperature and humidity change amounts to in the driver -- for example, between 8:39 and 8:43 neither of those changed enough to induce an automatic report. I have no idea where the 4 minutes is coming from, or why I can't seem to modify the report interval (except when the device is still on USB power).

I assume I'm misunderstanding something fundamental. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just wondering, did you press configure after making the changes? I had to do that for some reason when getting my sensors to not report power or temp as much. Worth a shot to see if that helps.

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The MultiSensor 6's manual indicates that the device works very differently on and off Battery.

One example from Aeon's Technical Manual for v1.13:

The interval time of sending reports in Report group 1 (Valid values 0x05- 0x28DE80).

  1. The unit of interval time is second if USB power.
  2. If battery power, the minimum interval time is 60 minutes by default, for example, if the value is set to be more than 5 and less than 3600, the interval time is 60 minutes, if the value is set to be more than 3600 and less than 7200, the interval time is 120 minutes. You can also change the minimum interval time to 4 minutes via setting the interval value(3 bytes) to 240 in Wake Up Interval Set CC.

Therefore I'd say that it's behaving as Aeon intended, with a battery saving lower limit on a great number of parameter values.


Time to break out the soldering iron then, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternatively, is it possible to set an interrupt (rather than a regular report) on anything besides tamper and motion? Can the Multisensor 6 be set to send a message when humidity breaks some threshold?