Aeon Labs Micro Double Smart Switches

I have several of the Aeon Labs Micro Double Smart Switches (Model number: DSC17). There are no drivers on the list for these. They partially work with the regular single drivers, but don't control the 2 outputs as 2 outputs. Has anyone tested or gotten these to work properly?

here are the specs:


Not the micro but I have the nano and it works with the qubino dual built in driver, you could give that a go.

You might want to drop @ericm a note and take a look here

Excellent -thank you.

I loaded that driver and it registers switch changes, but I can not seem to control the individual switches. I am new to this, but I wonder -Do I need re-add the switch from scratch via Z-wave inclusion for it to fully register to that driver? I can not get the dashboard to show 2 switches either.

The Help section is not very clear on this.

thanks again


Someone asked a very similar question about Enerwave dual-relays, and I responded to that query. Even though its a different brand, the instructions to control each of the two relays independently is identical. Here you go:

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I have a few of these, look for a driver in platform version 2.1.8...


@aaiyar thank you.

Great - maybe I'll wait before doing the virtual method. Any idea on a date for 2.1.8?

no, but odds are good it will be sometime between now and the super bowl :grin:


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