Aeon Labs DSC18103-ZWUS Micro Switch G2

Anyone know of a driver that also works with energy reporting? I've found a few that work with on / off control but none that report energy.

I know it;s an old thread but are you using the default driver for this? I also have some questions around energy reporting. Thanks.

I'll answer my own question.

The manual:

States this:

The Aeon Labs Micro Smart Energy Switch can report wattage energy usage or kWh energy usage to a Z-Wave gateway or controller when requested. If this function is supported by the gateway/controller, the energy consumption will be displayed in the user interface of the gateway/controller. Please consult the operation manual for these gateways/controllers for specific instructions.

Note the words here. "when requested"

This leads me to think that it won't push the data, or at least I can't get it to, regardless of numerous parameter changes I make. It just doesn't seem to report on a frequent basis.

So, I worked around this by getting rule machine to poll the device every 5 mins. Which updates the kWh. Sorted!

Anyone using these and getting power reports?

Yep device driver is Aeon Outlet.

And you have to look the device to get updates. I do this using rule machine.


And by "looking" you mean refresh/poll? Using Aeon Outlet I'm only seeing energy (kWh) values, but not power (W)

Sorry, yes. Autocorrect!!!!

You have to poll the device to get the data from it. Other devices push data. This one does not so I poll it every couple of mins. I use rule machine.

But you are getting power values as well, in addition to energy?

Sorry, I've just raised what you asking :slight_smile:

I believe that they are only capable of tracking energy. I'cve just had a look at the device and it only reports energy.

Out of interest what is the use case? where are you looking to use it?

I've used these with Vera, and now I'm migrating them to Hubitat. Power values were visible under Vera. Power values are useful to verify that e.g. garden lights are switched on (or off) and to detect burned bulbs. Another use case is to verify that a heater is on (power cord might not be connected and just looking at switch state is not sufficient)

Then it's a driver issue. Mine are definitely only reporting energy.

I've tried the other driver "Aeon Micro Switch" which seems unreliable.

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