Aeon Labs Doorbell capabilities

I have an Aeon Labs Doorbell that I am using as a secondary chime on for my Ring (currently using IFTTT but maybe switching to Alexa). This works fine.

I've been trying to create an RM rule that "beeps" a specific track when a door is opened. I have Aeotec recessed door sensors in all my exterior doors.

The problem is I can only use the Doorbell track because one of the only capabilities for that device is "switch" - at least that's what shows up in RM.

Would really like it if the HE driver could add more capabilities like "Music Player", "Audio Notification" and/or speech synthesis.

I tried porting over krlaframboise's ST driver but it gets hung up on sendHubCommand() and am currently unable to figure it out.

dev:2922018-10-13 11:31:15.453 error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: dev15394445567792115471825.sendHubCommand() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.ArrayList) values: [[700505, delay 100, 700502, delay 100, 700508, delay 100, 70052A]]
Possible solutions: sendHubCommand(hubitat.device.HubAction) on line 302 (updated)

Do we have access to the HE system driver files?

Any advice/ideas would be appreciated thanks!!

So when I try to add an action in Rule Machine there is no capability for music, notification or speech - the device just shows up under switch...

Do the buttons like "beep", etc work from the device page?

If they do, you will probably need to create custom commands that can then be used in RM.

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Okay cool will give those a shot. That sounds like a good workaround.

This doorbell is also available in RM (no custom command needed) under
Sound a tone (beep)
Speech device (speak)

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Unless I'm missing something it's not showing under either of those - I just tried it again. I think the custom command will work though. I know beep is a part of the doorbell action but the doorbell does not seem to have the "capability" specified in the driver of "Music Player" or "Notification Device"..

Got it working by creating a custom command "beep()" and assigning it to my doorbell in RM! Thanks everyone for your help and comments. Hopefully the folks at HE can add those extra capability statements in for the Aeon Labs Doorbell in some future release but I'm good with this.

Not sure if you saw my last post but there is a "send a tone" action type in Rule Machine that uses the beep() command as well. I don't think you needed the custom command after all but it should work the same.

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You can use speak as well using the 'send or speak a message' action, you're right, no custom command is needed. Turn on 'use a speech device' in the RM 'Send or Speak a Message' settings and supply the desired track number (without quotes) for the message.


I finally found it under "Send or speak a message" (thanks for pointing it out!) - missed the use speech device toggle at the bottom. Doorbell shows up there and I can play the track I want by providing the track # in the text part. The only concern is what type of action is it using? Beep/Doorbell or Siren? Does it restore the original selected track?

Under "Set mode, control music player, sound tone" only the "sound tone" sub selection shows the doorbell device and I cannot select which type of action to play (doorbell/beep/alarm) - I thought it played the doorbell tone when I tested it. Interesting, will check that out again to be sure.

Ideally would like to be able to choose which type of action to play in RM. This is based on the capabilities set in the driver. For now am still using the custom command because it's working well and it specifically points to the beep action.

Thank you (again, again and again) for all your patience and comments while I work through the learning curve!!! So far this device has exceeded my expectations and the transition from ST has been relatively painless thanks to the flexibility/power of this device and the great community around it.

One more followup - yep tone works as beep. Don't need to use custom command at all - but it was nice learning how that part works I guess.

I actually created 100 custom commands (yep, I use all the tracks on that device) before I found out that it wasn't necessary :neutral_face:

It now has speech but you have to tell it which voice to use and I do not know the choices so I do not know how to make it work.

I do not see that option.

Is there any place I can find documentation for the Speak actuator??

It's been a while! I no longer use RM so not sure where it is located now.. but you should be able to use a custom command if necessary.

Here are the commands exposed to Maker API:


Useful but I still have no idea what configure, strobe do as far as I can tell speak just allow you to set volume along with the sound number. beep, and siren appear to activate the sound you assign to them in preferences.

Well let me check! Strobe just plays the alarm track as far as I can tell. I think on the newer Siren it flashes a light - but you don't get cool custom sounds. My Aeotec siren came from the doorbell/siren combo. Don't know where the actual doorbell bit is anymore.

I found it.

Select "Chime" it will then allow you to set the chime number. I have both sound effects and some vocals I was able to generate and adjust.

Mine is working fine and and set it to make the sound of the Star Trek door when the sliding glass door is opened. It also makes noises for the front door and sends a vocal message if the front door has been left open too long. As well as freezing (outside temperature) alerts, etc.

Yeah, I had to use custom commands for a strobe light that warn me about certain events. I am doing lots of stuff withe user drivers and apps and that often leads to using custom commands. Beep and Siren play the sound you set under preferences for the device. Open the settings for the device. You will see the siren, beep and doorbell are assigned there by entering the sound number for that noise.

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