'Aeon HEM V1 Laundry Driver' is NOW working on Hubitat

Yes. I have it working perfectly.

Here is one of my 2 RM rules (one for Washer - Button 1, and the other for Dryer - Button 2).

@ogiewon thanks for the info will reset mine. Thanks so much.

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Make sure you hit the CONFIGURE button on the device page (I did it immediately after pairing) in order to tell the Aeon HEM v1 that you want it to report individual wattage values from each of the clamps.

@ogiewon Dan thanks for the info.

I can get a AEDSB09104ZWUS around $75 CAD. Are you still running that original model with this driver, or have you upgraded? Also, my washer is a 220V European Bosch front loading. Assuming this will be sensitive enough when it pauses for long periods during certain cycles?

If you know the approximate time the washer runs for, you could set a delay to ignore power fluctuations that occur in the first 30 mins after the power first turns on, or a 5min countdown timer before sending an alert that’s cancelled if power usage resumes, depending on how long those pauses are.

Excellent! Thank Ed. Ordering now.

I just wanted to let you know that I checked the box of my Aeon HEM v1 and the Part Number reads DSB09104-ZWUS.

This driver is designed to use one clamp for the washer, and another for the dryer. It then sends Button Pushed Events when the power for each clamp drops below a user-determined threshold.

I have been using it for a few years and it works great with my Samsung washer and dryer. I did have to get a little creative to allow each clamp to only attach around one HOT wire per device.

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Thanks Dan!

I did have to get a little creative to allow each clamp to only attach around one HOT wire per device.

Appreciate you letting me know that in advance. I installed the outlet for both, so I’ll just branch another box off of the existing boxes for each appliance. I assume there’s no problem putting the clamps inside metal boxes?

[Edit] Was just reading the original thread from ST forum. On second thought, probably have enough room in the panel box, and since each is on a dedicated breaker, should work just fine. :thinking:

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My recommendation is use a grommet for one of the panel knockouts, and keep the device outside the panel, and just run the clamps inside. If you don’t have a receptacle close to the panel you may need to add one for the controller to plug into.

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Definitely install it at your breaker box if you can. My 220vac loads all are handled by a breaker box on the OUTSIDE of my house. The 110vac loads are all fed from a breaker box INSIDE my garage. So for me, I had to install the Aeon HEM v1 in my laundry room. I just carefully separated one hot wire from each power cord (without disrupting the insulation at all) to allow each clamp to connect.

As always, please take your time, plan out your work, and BE SAFE.

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A better option would be to use extension boxes for your washer and dryer receptacles and put the clamps in those boxes.

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That’s what I was originally thinking. Why do you say it’s a better option? Better current sensing?

The jacket of the cords for a washer and dryer are part of the csa rating. Removing them means violating the csa AND increasing the likelihood of physical damage to the cable causing a short and possibly a fire.

Oh, yeah. I would never do anything like that.

This is what I was referring to… O_o :-1::fire:

:speak_no_evil: didn’t see that when I read it the first time. Not great @ogiewon. If anything went wrong with your appliance and caused the fire, even if it wasn’t related to what you had done, that would just give the Insurance company a reason not to pay your claim if the fire inspector found evidence of something like that.

I am an Elctrical Engineer. Nothing I have done is going to be an issue. I have not compromised any of my wiring.

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Could you clarify how you separated one hot wire from each power cord then? I’m just trying to ensure that a layman reading this thread won’t be tempted to do something unsafe.

Fair enough. Appreciate you helping.

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