Advise please: best outdoor flood lights

I would like to replace 8 floods scattered around the outside of the house.
Hoping to attach to my Hue bridge.
The philips bulbs (a19) have been great, but expensive in the flood light styles.
Looking for alternatives.
I have kept to the stock drivers, mostly.
The floods are all under the eve mounts.
The brighter the better!


Why not just use a smart swicth(s) instead and use standard bulbs?

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This homes wiring is not conducive to smart home wiring.
I have not pulled the switches yet, but every other one i have, has no neutral, just switched power from/to fixture.
I cannot come up with the name of the wiring type.
The wiring has some oddities, master bedroom requires fully entering the room, closing door, the switch is 4" from the hinges.
The back bedroom light switch is outside the room, by 4'.
Switches and outlets upside down!

Smart bulbs seem easy.

Any non neutral dimmer would work then. Innovelli, zooz, lutron. It wouldn't have to be an on/off switch. It would just be a short ramp up from 0-100

But then having to create buttons and what not fir individual bulb control and running them can be tediuous is all. Then if they drop off the mesh there is climbing up on a ladder and doing the on/off/on/off/on/off dance with them to put each and everyone back into pairing mode.

I haven't touched my incandescents because they work and it's a two story.

Had a lot of brain load trying to figure out which one would work!

Any of those 3 brands would work. That said I prefer lutron for all my switches. (I have 60+ including pico's..(use pico's for everything).

I have a fair amount of Zooz product, will go looking again.
Need the ability (waf) to turn them on and off at the switch.
Hub control, or its no fun!
Zooz had a possible switch that hides behind th existing switches, have to find it again, and pull the switches to confirm wiring and space.

Yeah, their dimmer doesn't require a neutral.

I think their relay requires neutral...

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I have all Hues outside. Most are just regular A19 bulbs, but I do have one of their floods over the garage door. Amazon : B07NDGD11D

I run the A19s at about 50% brightness, and towards the warm white end of the spectrum.

I find their long life and that they "just work" offset the cost. I leave the bulbs on my Hue hub, and tend to have them on smart switches, Zooz typically, to allow for some additional control.



Well, I did it.
Pulled the cover for the switches, pulled the switches out.
Lo and behold, all 4 spot sets of wires start here, and there is power and neutral!
Cleaned up the wiring and installed 2x GE enbrighten fan/light switches.
Included and tested, they work great.

Thanks to all for the advice, it was helpfull.