Advice: Starting smartlights


I've been reading up on lots of sites on starting to integrate smart devices in my home.
But due to all the options i'm kind of lost again on how to begin.

So as starter i'm trying to make my current lights smarter.
And i'm beginning in my living room.

So i currently have light switch controlling 5 lights.
What i'm trying to do is replace that light switch with a x amount programmable button so i can device accordingly which lights turn on and off.
I know about Hue bulbs but i'm trying to make my current lights smarter (it's those special light bulbs to make the room cozy).

So i'm trying to figure out what i need to number my lights so i can program them.
I'm assuming, but please correct me if i'm wrong, i need smart switchs that need to be placed in the sealing for eacht light.

Then i need to replace the light swith with a programmable switch.

Once that is done i need to add them to my HE and program eacht button to activate the accordingly numbered light?

Is my thinking correct?
And do i then have everything to achieve my goal.
What about the wiring behind the old light switch?
Do i just hook everything up so the smart switches have constant electricity?
And are these programmable buttons battery charged and do they exist wired?

What i need according to what i think is:

1x HUB
1x Programmable button switch
5x smart switches for each light

Thanks to however can aid me or push me in the right direction.

I am not 100% sure what you are trying to accomplish but, have you looked at a scene controller or getting a smart switch that can be set to leave the power circut on. A scene controller would give you 5 buttons that can each be set with different actions. A few Smart switches can be set to scene mode as well and effectively give you different button actions based on the number of times it is tapped.

The key is that since you are using smart bulbs as well you will need to leave the circut on. So they dont drop off the network.

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So the general rule of thumb (And this is by no means written in stone) Smart switches for groups of lights, smart bulbs for lamps...

In my case I use Lutron for all my switches because they're tanks. I use mostly Lifx bulbs now in table lamps with a Pico controller on a pedestal next to them for manual turn off.

Now if you are looking for color bulbs in each bulb but still controlled by the wall switch you will want either Zooz or Innovelli as they both have a smart bulb mode. (Meaning they keep power to the bulb but act as a button controller) This will prevent people from screwing up your rules by physically turning off lights.

If you pair hue bulbs (Lifx are so much better) Do not pair them with other zigbee devices on the same hub as they are bad repeaters. Hue bulbs and their ilk (cree, etc) should be on their own hub. Most people use a hue bridge and control that directly from hubitat using the built in connector or CocoHue (much better)


@mavrrick58 well the thing is where i'm stuck in my thoughts is regarding the smart switches. So i've seen there are a few options. One is to place a smart switch in the wall socket behind the light switch. Which let's the current flow to the lights so the power cicuit is always on (or atleast that's what i think). However this option then still only has the option to wireless turn all 5 lights on and off.
But the thing is then i want to have a scene controller in which i can say instead of turning all 5 on i only want 3 lights on and 2 lights off. And that's where i'm stuck. In my case is it then better to instead place a smart switch at my lights and just open the lightswitch up and hook all wiring so the circuit is in power on mode to those smart switches. And then just place a scen controller on top which talks to those smart switches to configure which lights need to be on and which stay off?

@rlithgow1 well the issue is normally i would go for the bulb. But those lights are like those cozy fancy ones that my wife picked. You know those big bulbs where you can see the glowing light wires. Can't post any links yet

I've seen a few people talk about Lutron on here . Will look at it what i can find on there.

Also please excuses my english spell errors :wink:
Thanks for the already provided info

Those are called Edison Bulbs

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Thx for giving me the name,more usefull then a description :slight_smile:

Already looked at the Inovelli switches you provided.
Great site love how detailed the circuit diagram is to hook things up.
Currently looking for alternative since i live in the EU the light switches are bulkier.

Thanks for pushing me in a good direction

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There is a UK forum here, you should post in there. Lots of info. Oh and add UK to your profile so others can identify and redily chime in.

If this is one circuit, with five fixtures controlled by one dumb switch, I think you’re going to have a hard time independently controlling each one such that you can create sub-groups of fixtures, unless you go with smart bulbs.

Do the bulbs look like this? These are zigbee bulbs that can pair with Hubitat.

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Thanks for the advice.
No the bulbs are big chuncky ones....they look nice but i'm having regrets buying them :smiley:

You are correct about the layoutit's five fictures controlled by one dumb switch at the moment.
What i was wondering.
If i replace my dumb switch and place in-line smart switches at each light.
Like these: (can't place links)
But found these on google: ZigBee Smart Inline Dimmer Switch for SmartThings, Hubitat

What i then would do is remove the current fixtures and make a closed circuit in the ceiling. And place one inline smart switch in front of eacht light. Then place a smart switch with scenes on top of where the dumb switch was to then program the buttons to open the circuit on specific light smart switchs?

Also a little advice on the protocol.
Zigbee or z-wave.
For what i gather Z-Wave is limited to xxx amount of devices (which i won't hit).
But other then this i assume one protocol is more robust then the other in terms of range/connections?

I'll otherwise start small and order a few smart switches to program.
And once i get the hang of it go bigger with smart switch for scene cntrol.
And then purchase a Hubitat for programming it all centrally

Thanks for the advice.
Don't live in the UK i'm from the EU (belgium) did notice there is a EU part aswell.
I'll have a look there to see other peoples setups


Since i can now upload images here is a view on how i'll wire things:

Original layout with dumb switch:

New layout using inline smart switches at the lamps in de ceiling and a 12 scene 4 button smart switch.

PS: i used paint so don't judge my poor drawing :smiley: