Advice on ST to HomeKit Migration

Hi, possible HE noob here. I have an ST hub with less than a dozen Z-wave devices, mostly dimmers, an outlet, all in-wall and a few other odds and ends. These were all purchased along with the ST hub in 2015, so pretty ancient and not Plus. I am moving off ST and going full HomeKit which doesn’t support Z-Wave directly. I have HomeKit going in a separate building (my shop) and it is simpler/easier and better integrated with iPhone using Apple Home. After a bit of digging, Hubitat Elevation seemed to be the route forward if I did not want to replace the devices.

But I don’t want to go this route if I am going to need to replace the devices anyway (due to age and/or lack of Plus support). If I have to go to the trouble of rewiring in-wall devices, I might as well go HomeKit natively. I have played with ST automation a bit, but nothing fancy - some lights going on at dusk and then off at a fixed time, lights on arriving home after dark, etc. My ST handles this fine and so does my HomeKit, so the only compelling reason I would have to buy the HE and integrate it is to avoid replacing/rewiring of these devices. But I am likely to acquire more devices and I would get HomeKit compatible going forward.

Can anybody offer some opinions on my dilemma?

Do you know the manufacturers and model #s of the z-wave devices?

GE Z-Wave for the bulk of this stuff.

Mostly “JAS12724 - GE 12724 Z-Wave(R) in-Wall CFL-LED Dimmer Switch“

Those are pretty old. They’re not on the hub’s compatible devices list. They might still work with one of the generic z-wave drivers but it would be hard to confirm without hearing from someone else that uses them.