Advice on Motion Triggered Lighting


I want to set a rule that turns of lights in a room if the motion sensor in there stays inactive for a certain amount of time.

Currently I have it set that if motion is inactive, turn of light after 5 minutes.
However, will this still happen if if motion is detected in that 5 minutes as the timer would have started?

Is there a way to cancel the timer if motion is detected, or how would be best to achieve what I am trying to?


This will do the job for you.
Use pending off OR wait 5 minutes and enable cancel on Truth change.
This way while there is motion the light will stay on.


Cheers will check that out, looks good


This works just as I wanted, thanks a lot @bobbles


I'd like to use this rule as well, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to create it.
As far as I can tell, you are checking on the motion sensor, and checking if the room has low light.
Then if those two conditions are met, turn the light on. But I don't understand the False condition. What is Pending Off?


Pending off means, if there's motion again, the 2 minute countdown starts over until there is no more motion.


Ah, that makes sense. I had made a single rule to turn off the lights if no motion was seen, and in my action I had it wait for a set time then turn off the light. It has been turning the light off almost at random though even if there is motion. Pending Off makes much more sense.


If you want to override and turn the light off immediately, you can put an or operator in the rule and point to a switch to turn the light off. Alternately, just use the Motion Lighting app. All that capability is in there too.


That's pretty neat, I didn't know that existed. How do you find out about all the features? I have been bumbling around the interface but find it difficult to learn. And the documentation seems to be lacking, or I'm bad at searching the documentation.

#10 or when you're in any of the apps, click the ? at the top right


cool, thanks!