Advice on HSM

I would like to get advice from the community regarding HSM setting. I have been trying to think of a solution but my stupid brain does not give me any clue. So I have two modes at night.
Night awake: all door and window sensors are active.
Night sleep: all door/window sensors and all motion sensors are active.
For night awake, I am using it From 8 to 11PM. So alarm only goes off if any door or window is opened.

For night sleep, I use it when everybody goes to bed. All sensors are active.

The solution I am looking for is if someone or a guest wakes up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and wants to go to kitchen. In the night sleep mode, my kitchen motion sensor or other motion sensor will be triggered and alarm will goes off.

One solution I am thinking is to give a preprogrammed button to change the mode or disarm for the guest but then he or she needs to change the mode back from disarm to night sleep. I would like to hear other people’s solution or what you guys do at night to reduce false alarm. Thanks in advance.

Simply; no motion sensors when people are in the house. To many false alarms.

If you live in an area that fosters the need for motion sensors at night consider installing glass break sensors instead.


I am experimenting with HSM at the moment, and have only got one motion sensor included for use overnight - one in the garage, where I couldn't get a contact sensor to stick to the garage door. My logic is I've no reason to go in the garage after going to bed. As for those places that I or guests might go in the night, then i just use contact sensors for the exact same reason - too many false alarms.

On a related topic, my automated lighting schedule downstairs only works when the mode is day or evening. I use my google home as a trigger to revert from night to day, or sunset / sunrise times. However, i'm also going to experiment with the idea of a motion sensor half way down the stairs as a trigger to revert from night to day, then build a rule that reverts to night if there's no motion downstairs for 15 minutes after the last motion was detected by any of the downstairs sensors, if it is still before sunrise. That way I don't need to do anything when i come downstairs (i'm detected by the stairs motion sensor), and it will revert to night when i go to bed. Something similar may work for you in arming and disarming HSM.

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Rearmming after xx minutes of motion sensor inactivity is a great idea. Never though about that before. Thank you very much.

BTW I am wondering if you could disarm using echo dot as well. And how did you do that?

Thanks; hope the time delay idea works for you.

I havent used the amazon echo app or skills, but I'm guessing they're similar to the Google home app in hubitat. For that, I created a virtual switch that, when pressed, triggered a mode change to 'day'. A momentary one that reset to off after a delay. You could use such a switch to arm HSM.

I then exposed that virtual switch to Google via the app, so it appears in my Google home devices. I then linked that switch into my morning routine, along with an equivalent switch for 'night' in my bedtime routine - two different switches, that reset after a delay, and trigger mode changes (or a rule / HSM mode change, if you like).

My Google home also operates the switches if I switch them by name, e.g. 'OK google, turn on daytime switch'.

We only arm internal motion sensors in Away mode. To many false positives. There are alarm keypads in the bedrooms, but at 4am when you get up, you forget to disarm or change the mode half the time. However, literally every window and door have contact sensors, and there are glassbreaks covering the whole house (dropping a bag of Legos definitely sets these off).

But, what I would do if I wanted internal motion sensors to be armed is to put a contact sensor on bedroom doors, and then create a rule something like:

  • if armed in night sleep and a bedroom door is opened
    • then change mode to night awake
  • if armed in night awake and time is between 11pm and Xam, and all bedroom doors become closed
    • then change mode to night sleep

You could also add a motion sensor component so when it's in night awake mode and a motion trips, it sets a 30 minute timer where it wouldn't allow it to go back to sleep mode until that timer expires. This way, if you leave the bedroom but shut the door because you REALLY need a smoothie and don't want to wake the wife, it won't arm in sleep mode when you shut the door.

Also, get a big scary dog. Mine looks like he'll go through the glass when someone walks up to the front door. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @c.j.winter I will give it a try.

@signal15 thank you very much. This is also great idea!. Thanks again.

I tried this. You're going to set off the alarm when you stand up from watching a movie, or a long coding session. This only works with large amounts of correlation data, like TV has no power, no lights are on, etc... and then you realize that all a burglar has to do is turn on your lights before entering the room and they are safe.

Motion sensors while home are awesome for temp and light automation, not so good for security.