Advice for off center deadbolt

Has anyone had this issue before? Just purchased a new home and want to install a smart lock on this deadbolt. Not sure why it is so off-center, but my worry is any smart lock will be pushing off the side and into the window. No matter how narrow the smart lock is, I can’t imagine one would be thin enough to accommodate this.

The lock on the bottom is more centered, but would rather have a lock be up at the deadbolt if possible.

I had a kind of similar issue. My wife had a double door put on the front of our house. It has glass inlays and the Schlage smart lock I had on the old door would not fit without cutting out some of the trim work around the glass.

I went with one of these kwickset convertor locks

You don't have a keypad on the front but it fit on the backside with no modification to the door. It just sits over the existing deadbolt. I put a NFC tag on the front of the door and set up a routine on my IPhone that allows me to tap it with my phone and it unlocks or locks. We don't go though that door very often, and it works well enough.


What’s the distance from the door edge to the center of the deadbolt hole?

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If you're an iPhone user (or iPhone family), you can use a Level lock.

And using homekit/homebridge, bring its status back into Hubitat.

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It’s 2.75” on the dot. One of the distances from the video you provided.

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Yeah, I saw that. Reviews are mixed, but that would potentially solve the problem. I guess with any of these locks no one is going to be completely satisfied so I have to find the one that works the best given my constraints.

The people who I know who have them seem pretty happy. But it is a sample size of 2.

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I guess in theory you could bore another hole with a 2 3/8” backset, which would shift the deadbolt over towards the door edge and away from the glass lite just a bit, maybe enough to fit a smart lock.

But the door would end up with a pretty Frankenstein-ish appearance…


The lock down below with a twist knob is centered a lot better. I could just leave the deadbolt as it is and find a smart lock for the lever below it. Does anyone know if there is any inherent security risk by not using a deadbolt? I would assume that the deadbolt is providing added security and so if I would not use it, the door would be slightly less secure.

I would think in general, a deadbolt would be more secure but, in this situation, the door has a window so no, the deadbolt isn't any more secure. Break the window, gain easy access.

My door is the same. It has a window. I use a deadbolt with a kwikset conversion but have no illusions that my door is any way truly secure other than to keep "honest people" out of the house



In general, deadbolts do make it harder to kick open a locked door. But anyone willing to kick open a door will just break the glass, since that requires less force anyway.

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I'd replace the door, myself.


Probably the most secure way to handle things if you are really worried about deadbolts etc.

Being that it is wood, you could patch the old hole, sand and paint the door, and it wouldn't be too noticeable. But I think there are better options.

The window is the biggest security risk here. If you just want the convenience of a keypad, then go ahead and do a smart knob or smart deadbolt. But if you are looking for security, door replacement is a much better option.

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There you go. Design the house around the technology inside it, not the other way around.

Or design the house so it is more secure.

Looking at that picture I suspect the existing hole will be too small for a modern smart deadbolt (not 2-1/8").
Easiest solution might be to plug existing hole (even partially), drill a new hole while changing the backset to 2-3/8", and paint any of the new plug that isn't covered by the smart deadbolt trim.
Check how this would work on your door: Yale Assure YRD256 covers from 1-1/2" to 4".

Yale 256

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You have an easy breakable glass near both locks.
What kind of security it is?

There is also a u shaped device that may cover the old hole and allow you to drill a new hole. If not this one,
Similar. Please measure!